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Zero mad persons on the streets is achievable globally – Joel Brain Solution

Some inmates with Proprietor of the Center Pastor Joel.

By Chukwudi Ejimofor, P/H.


It was at No. 58b Incarr Road, (Prof. Okujiagu Street), Opp. Express Concerns, Trans-Amadi Port Harcourt, Rivers State, that our Reporter in Rivers State met Pastor Joel Amamchukwu, the Proprietor of Joel Brain Solution Rehabilitation Center, approved by the Rivers Government in a makeshift shanties along the roadside, with about thirty mentally deranged men and women, within 25 to 50 years of ages were camped.



Their Shanties accommodation is pathetic and a sorry Site, as apart from the eloquence and the reasonings in the responses of the Proprietor of the Home, one will have thought and have the opinion that nothing meaningful is happening there.


Our curious Reporter advanced to the Site, and introduced himself as Journalist to a man that received him, and enquired what exactly was happening there, the man affirmed thus;


My name is Pastor Joel Amamchukwu, am the Proprietor of Joel Brain Solution Rehabilitation Center, as you can witness here, we rehabilitate the mentally challenged persons that are abandoned on the Streets.


Nobody was created to go around the streets and eat from the drainage and dustbin. I discovered that God deposited in me the healing powers to rehabilitate these people. I discovered also that God gave me the powers to bring them back again to life. We pick them along the Roadsides and Streets feed, cloth them and bring them back again to life, and return them to their people without charges”.


I started this healing process in 2006. I started with a girl, Gift Asanye. When she was healed, she said she is from Enugu State, and we located her family and unit her with them”


When asked how he was able to gather them, both males and females and what he does with them after their healing he said “Some of them, when we picked them, after prayers they were healed instantaneously, others that are not out of their memories, we take them to Psychiatric Hospital for cure, and return then here for healing. We continue to rehabilitate them until they start to communicate normal with normal human beings”.


Asked what motivated him in this social and philanthropic work, Pastor Joel opined that “In Matthew 25 vs 36, Jesus said, I will not take any man to Hell fire, when I am hungry you did not feed me, when I was nicked you did not cloth me. When I looked into that scripture, i discovered that these people have something to do with my kingdom race, and other peoples kingdom race too, I have that talent, I don’t need to wait for me to die with my talent, not to use it to add values in this world.


He continued, ”at the beginning of this task, I started with the finances the Lord provided for me in my business of tuning waste to wealth. When their number increased tremendously, the food items I stored finished, I have to start preaching about them. Then some Churches and individuals that hard the message were donating in their own little ways, added to returns from my Waste to Wealth business am into, that is how we severed to take care of them, yet its not enough”.


Again, over 20 persons has been rehabilitated and healed by Joel Brain Rehabilitation Center. Some of these one that are here now can be managed by their people at home, but they can’t locate their people any more, some of them, their people thought they are no longer alive. Its good that you Pressman is here, to hear and drum this to the entire world”


The situation you are seen here is a global challenge, that human beings, created by God are going about necked on the streets, feed from drainage and dustbin, some of them dies by the conner of that street, decomposed as a result of mental illnesses, it not human, it is an abomination before God and man.


Pastor Joel ceased the presence of Pressman around to call on all and sundry to contribute to the help to mankind.


“I am appealing to International Donor Agencies, None Governmental Organizations (NGOs), wealthy individuals, Churches, states and federal government agencies to contribute in any manner they feels they can support to sustain this idea of NO MAD PERSON on the streets. Our vision is to build this rehabilitation center in all the states in Nigeria and beyond. We are not doing this for human beings to pay money. The people that God has blessed should come and partner with us. What we are doing here concerns everybody that God created. When we impact on peoples life the Almighty will also respond to our individual needs.


At this juncture let me present the contacts to reach us; our phone is 0802-435-3730. Our Account number is FCMB 4907750012, Account Name is Joel Brain Solution. We are appealing that organizations and individuals should call or visit us at our location. God will also call and visit those of us that will respond at the point of their individuals and collective needs”


Asked the efforts the Center has put in place to attract the States governments and other agencies across the country.


He said ”this Center is registered with Rivers state Social Welfare Board. We have written to the Governor of Rivers state, Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Churches and so many others. We have tried our possible bests to contact the institutions and people that are concerned, but we are yet to see them”.


On what could be responsible for increased rate of mental illness in the society, Pastor Joel attributed it to multiple factors and dimensions, argued that with God’s powers they are curable.


“Some of the courses of mental illnesses could come through frustration, drug addiction, inheritance from the linage, some nemesis, and some is what their fellow human beings brought to them. But which ever one it is, when the grace and mercy of the Lord comes down they will be healed”.


He advised Parents and the society in general to live a life of care and compassion to their fellow human beings, and Parents to have parental care to their children and wards alike.


“Parents should start early to advice their children and wards the way they should grow, so that when they grow, they will not depart from it. Evil doers should refrain from it, because evil pays evil, depression can also led to madness, let everybody put his or her faith in God who has powers to do anything. The public should also help anybody that is depressed or stigmatized along the roadside or the neighbourhood. With these we can reduce the number of lunatic in our society”. Pastor Joel concluded.




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