Yobe APC quakes as most heavyweights set to move out




   *As ninety Percent of Abuja leaders may move out

   *As Gov vow to pick successor against other leaders wish

YOBE- To say that the APC in Yobe is almost in total disarray would be stating the very obvious as the crisis in the Party certainly seem almost irreconcilable with most of the Party leaders already negotiating their exit with some of the other political Parties who are waiting in the wings with extreme anxiousness to harvest from the APC brouhaha in the state.

Daily watch findings confirmed that   the Crisis in the Party which stem from the Governor’s group winning the Congress and by so taking over control of the Party Structures to the detriment of most elders and political leaders of the APC in the state snowballed to a boiling point when the governor insisted on picking his choice candidate for the governorship slot under the APC as against the wish of other leaders for an open contest amongst all in the Party and some insisting on only  Zone C members to contest for the Party’s governorship  primary taking into consideration that zone A and B have already occupied the governor’s seat in the Past.

The refusals of the Governor to toe the views of the majority of the Party followership seem to have pushed several members to the sideline with the intent therefore to jump ship and leave the Governor alone in the APC.

Those plotting to Port out of the APC and who the governor described as Abuja Politicians without followers are amongst others the Senate  Majority leade5 Buker G.Lawal, Bukaer Ibrahim Abba and several members of the State and Federal Houses of Law making.

Already tension has peaked in the state with many awaiting the day and time of the supposed moves as all indication points to a mass defection to either the PDP or the ADC towards the 2019 elections.

Repeated Attempts to speak with the Senate Majority leader in Abuja over his planned defection with several members of the Senate/House of Representatives and thousands of followers in Yobe state to a new party was not possible as at the time of writing this report but one of the fore most Political analyst in the state   Alhaji Adaquo Idrissa told daily Watch that the Governor would eventually kill the APC in the state once he chooses to imposed any candidate on the people as the governorship candidate of the APC, to him the best that can be done by the governor to save the party is simply to allow the Party elders and members have their choice and this choice must be from Zone C as that alone is the only panacea for the success of the APC in the state.




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