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Would Justices of the Supreme court bow to pressure and blackmail over Osun or tow the part of honor?

Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed

By Lucky Okion


The question is no more about the indecent approach .threats and even fierce blackmail against the justices of the to the Supreme Court handling the Osun State Election petition which has run through its final course and set for conclusion by the Supreme Court on the 5th of July but about if the Justices would toe the line of honor and give the desired and exact verdict not minding the groundswell f Pressure, threats and blackmail that has totally taken over the issue.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that like the case of Zamfara  the Osun Case seemed to have hit the roof top with sub threats and super threats of the Justices to give a verdict favourable to the APC as the names of the President have become one great toll for the Serious threats ,blackmail  and outright pressure on the Justices by several chieftains of the APC and even members of the Cabal who had assured the APC led Government in Osun of Victory and the Collection of certain amounts as tithes to help swing the case in favour of the Governor of the State.

Daily Watch Sources in Abuja confirmed that a princely sum of five billion was indirectly paid several Weeks ago to the Cabal via the secretary of the Cabal for the special favour and to help sort those to give the expected judgments on July 5th.

While Daily Watch could not confirmed if the money as meant for the Judges or for the Cabal for their pressure and presidential influence over the case it can be confirmed with exactitude and factuality that the Osun Government and his godfathers parted with several billions for the  task ahead come July 5th.

Daily Watch findings from Several legal minds and luminaries who know the  justices confirmed that the Justices are  men of repute who would deliver their judgments without fear or favour and can in no way be swayed by money, blackmail, fear or threats from any quarters.

Attempts to reach out to the Governor of Osun state how the huge sum running into billions was paid to the Cabal over the expected Supreme Court verdict slated for July 5th was not Possible as at Press time.





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