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Wilson Oruma faces acute depression as pastor dupes him of over 1.4billion fake oil racket




LAGOS-All is not well with another Nigeria international Wilson Oruma as he is said to be suffering from extreme shock and acute depression as a result of been duped by a trusted friend and a Pastor in a fake oil deal.


Oruma who was one of Nigerian prolific player in years past and plyed his trade with several clubs across the world seem not to be in the best state of mind following shocking lose of over 1.4 billion naira in a fake business deal.

Daily Watch investigation has it that Oruma fell pry to a solid criminal gang said to be headed by a fake clergy man who through one of his close associates convinced him to go into a higly phoney profit oriented oil business that would bring in several billions of Naira in short notice only to discover late that it was all a well oil scam to fleece him of his hard earned money.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that Oruma is now not just a shadow of his old self but almost broke as a result of the scam and this has created a serious emotional/psychological/depression on him.

Already the great Nigerian acts according to those close to him acts and behave strange and needs serious help to avoid any form of calamity bedeviling the great footballer of our time.

All attempts by Daily Watch to speak to Wilson Oruma was not possible but a close friend of the onetime great footballer Emakpor Dibofun confirmed the story of the said scamming of the onetime great footballer by a deceitful man of God.





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