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Will President Buhari children eventually go for the mandatory one year NYSC?



*As both have till date remained firm about not going for the mandatory NYSC.

*As information confirms the NYSC is plotting to give both certificates with mandatory services

Muhammadu and children

This seem to be the Million Naira question Many a Nigerians are asking following the story that the two children of the President have vehemently stayed out of the Mandatory one Year National youth Service  but may get a certificate to that effect soonest from the NYSC.

Daily watch Confirmed that Yusuf Buhari and hisr Sister had both since graduation nor file in for the Mandatory one year NYSC service as constitutionally stated for all University graduates whether in Nigeria or abroad and must be tendered before any form of employment to any Nigerian.

Daily Watch findings in Abuja exposed the fact that the President two Children had not serve their father land and had vowed not to don the Khahi of the NYSC but certainly obtained the Mandatory one year certificate.

A close Friend of the President Son who confided in Daily Watch and wanted his identity unrevealed confirmed that the President Children would be getting their certificates if they have already not gotten it as having served in Abuja when nothing of such ever happened in reality.

Series of Attempts to get the NYSC to speak to  Daily watch on how Certificates can be issued stating that a person served the One year Mandatory service popularly known as the NYSC without truly partaking was not feasible as repeated messages to the directorate of media under the NYSC remained unanswered.




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