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Will  EFCC go after those mentioned by Maina for collecting millions to aid his re-instatement and Gov ticket promise?


 *As names of senior Minister, Cabal Deputy, Ex DSS Boss and others close to the President are exposed in Maina gate scandal.


By Ahmed Ahmadu, Abuja


Finally, Abdurrahman Maina, the thieving fugitive has formally been arrested after several years of pretense by the EFCC and the DSS as if they never knew where he was and had been all the time, but that is not the issue at stake at the moment as the almighty fugitive and his over pampered and pompous son are said to be not just cooling the ass in detention but singing melodious tunes that seemed if followed up properly would create monumental embarrassment for many  in the help of affairs in this administration.

Daily Watch confidant in the EFCC confirmed that the fugitive pension thief has been shockingly singing several melodious tunes that have implicated several top personalities under the Buhari administration in terms of his re-in statement, promotion, protection and cash payments for APC governorship ticket for 2019 before the bubble burst and he was sacked by the President.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the confession of the renown pension thief is already causing confusion in the seat of power as all those mentioned are close associates of the President thereby making it difficult for the EFCC to take action since they need authorization from the same persons whose names are been churned out by the power pension thief, Maina.

Daily Watch ears in the EFCC confirmed that names f some Cabal members was mentioned for collecting several Millions for the APC governorship ticket just as a reputable Minister in the administration who sits in  a very honorable Ministry and who confessed during the House of Representative ad-hoc -Committee sitting on Maina of meeting the fugitive in Dubai was also mentioned as collecting a sizable amount to assist in the word to the president to aid the re-instatement of Maina which was actually done by the President before the bubble actually burst.

Daiy watch investigations confirmed that as it is the anti graft investigation of Maina is one stifled with confusion on how to go about th diverse land mines that surround the man himself as from all indication may finally be left of the hook in a serious bargain since docking him must create serious problem for the Presidency and his many top dogs whose names are said to be a re-occurring decimal in money collection and exploitation of Maina before his eventual re-in statement just like the Ex-DSS Boss was serious mentioned in severally other collections for protection and  use of several safe houses of the DSS during his era as the Director of the DSS.

Already, the anti graft  body led by Ibrahim Magu is said to be as confused  as his investigating team since the immediate reports on the Maina Saga is very unpalatable to their ears as several top government personality and that of one of the Cabal main man that decides who to prosecute, investigate or parade was also mentioned in the preliminary investigations as such making the whole Maina euphoria that followed his arrest to be short live since a safe face approach may become the other of the day for the government over Mainagate as doing otherwise would create serious  problem for the administration.

Daily Watch frantic effort to speak with the EFCC Spokes person Tony Orilade on why the shocking silence even weeks after the arrest of the most wanted  corruption fugitive  in Nigeria in the person of Maina a total silence and black out has taken over his interrogations which is unusual with the  EFCC that trades and enjoy media trial and lime lights in their investigations by feeding tit bits to the press via the back door approach but he categorical denied any short cut to Mina case and  assured Daily watch of the anti graft steady investigation which he described as still ongoing.



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