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Will Buhari also sack Larmonde and Saleh as well?

Muhammadu Buhari


      *New NJC registrar still facing  N2 billion loot case

           *Indicted Larmonde promoted to SFU Ikoyi as commissioner


ABUJA-The Story that the President and commander in Chief has finally sacked the ex-SFG and NIIA DG after several months of dilly dally and protracted negotiations. What many are asking for and had expected was, if the President would go further to sack other indicted officers like  he has done to the ex-secretary to the federal Government and ECC take a raid on their several Properties and get courts to forfeit pending conclusion of cases as the EFCC is used to?

This questions come to mind knowing that there are several other thieves reinstated in some cases and others promoted in this same government that are still enjoying their loots side by side with their new position as was the case of  Pension thief Maina before his eventual exposure.

Daily Watch investigations in Abuja confirmed that apart from Maina and Babachir there exist the cases of Ibrahim Larmode the former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commissions (EFCC) who was investigated by same senate that indicted  Lawal Babachir and indicted for selling seized properties belonging to people under EDCC investigations with the proceeds in almost all the cases unaccounted for and recommended for sack like Babachir.

But shockingly to every Nigeria, the said Ibrahim Lamode got promoted by this Buhari government and now heading the same anti-fraud unit of the Nigeria Police in Panti as the new Police Commissioner despite his indictment for monumental lootings and re-looting of looted funds and properties.

Again is the case of Saleh the new Secretary to the National judicial Commission and Secretary to the recently inaugurated anti-Corruption Watch group.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the said Saleh who was the former registrar of the Supreme court was found wanting in his duty post and among the several lootings he was involved in was a 2 billion naira deal for which he was removed and charged to court over.

But shockingly, the Buhari government on the directive of the Presidency withdrew the same case prompting many to thing the government wanted to add more charges but shockingly the man was promoted and made the new Registrar of the National Judicial Council (NJC)and given a added portfolio or is it responsibilities  as secretary to government Ant graft Watch group with his 2 billion naira loot case with the EFCC still lying in limbo in the same Government raiding Houses and proclaiming Judges  guilty of corruption while sending them back to the NJC.


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