Why we want Dokubo sacked; he is not fit to run the amnesty office- Ex-militant leaders



Professor Charles Dokubo


WARRI- Some aggrieved leaders of the amnesty beneficiaries have complained that the newly appointed Chairman of the amnesty programme and special advisers to Mr. President in Niger Delta matters, Professor Charles Dokubo is not fit to manage the amnesty programme and therefore he should be replaced immediately.




In a paper signed by the following leaders Godwin. Segha – Chairman, Alex Brakuro – Secretary,Godwin London – P. R. O,Engr. Kiri Meshack – Assistant Secretary

Amino Suyei – Publicity secretary resoectively have noted that it would do the country and Mr. President good to immediately withdraw the appointment of Professor Charles Dokubo  and replace him with a competent Niger Delta person who understands the struggle for continued peace in the Niger Delta region or else, his stay may spark-off of fresh hostilities in the region.


The statement reads in parts ‘‘What is going on in the Amnesty office is not in line with the objectives of the programme, Charles Dokubo does not come for the interest of the Niger Delta Ex-agitators as he claims. President Mohammadu Buhari should sack him immediately.

Most of the beneficiaries captured in the Amnesty programme are facing alot of challenges that needs urgent solution, several letters containing complaints of beneficiaries were written to him to make sure such problems are attended to but all to no avail, he is rather giving listening ear to some generals and forgetting the issues affecting beneficiaries of the Amnesty Programme.


‘‘From the look of things, we have discovered that he is not fit to run the Amnesty Office,

With all these displays, we have come to realize that Prof. Dokubo Charles does not come for the interest of the Ex-agitators rather he want to continue the business as usual with some Abuja big boys, we the Ex-agitators will not fold our hands to watch anybody to come and spoil our programme for us, all we want is for every beneficiaries of the Presidential Amnesty Programme to enjoy what they have suffered for.


‘‘It would be recalled that Prof. Dokubo had on the 8th of April 2018 deceived us to Abuja to meet with him in articulating issues affecting delegates, after spending days in Abuja with spending on transportation, accommodation and other things, we were so shocked on how Dokubo makes a u-turn by saying he will not be seeing us after telling us to come over to Abuja. These activities of Charles are big symptoms of his incapability of running the programme. We have dropped over 500 complaints of delegates that have been undergoing varying degrees of fraud in the programme and a call on the Coordinator to address these issues, yet he remains adamant in addressing these very sensitive issues.’’


Continuing ‘‘To us, this is a sign of joining with some of the Abuja big boys to suffer the main beneficiaries of the Amnesty Programme, the Niger Delta Ex-agitators Forum have lost trust in Prof. Dokubo Charles, and we are calling for his immediate resignation as the Special Adviser to the President and Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty programme. The said verification process is also fraudulent as usual, how do you go about verification, refusing to bring the verification process down to the state level is another sign of failure. We don’t need to use an entire year to know a man with good motives, his few months in office is even worse.

Giving listening ear to the said leaders of the Ex-agitators alone without listening to the genuine complains of the Ex-agitators is a true symptom of failure, your predecessors did same and that was the cause of their removal, you are not different from them.’’




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