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Why we keep saying the Govt is supporting herdsmen in their killings,Land grabbing-Davou Dalyop Jambol

Muhammadu Buhari


*Destroyed 60 million Naira Mooring a farm in one swoop

*Beroms are harassed, arrested every other day for carry sticks, machetes but herdsmen walk freely with AK 47 Weapons.


Muhammadu Buhari

The much talked about issue of herdsmen killing, looting and destruction reared its ugly head again days ago when herdsmen reportedly lay bare a 60 million naira Mooring a farm thereby sending the owner to unforeseen debt.

Daily Watch investigation confirmed that the herdsmen who still holds over 54 communities and villages belonging to the indigenous Berom of Plateau state are stil bent on taking over more as farms and farmers are still under daily attack.

Just Days ago a multi- Million  Mooring a Farm belonging to an Agro Investor James Paul Adema from Kogi state but doing farming in Plateau state was totally devastated and destroyed by the herdsmen thereby creating all dis- incentives to farm in almost all communities in the state.

The herdsmen who are said to intermittently move around with sophisticated weapons go about destroying al farms if the farmers are not around to be given the brutal treatment of instant death.

Speaking to one of the leaders of Berom in Plateau state Mr.Davou Dalyop Jambol  President of the Shonong Development Association (SDA) of Plateau state on the issue of herdsmen men  rampages and  killings  in the state,he described it as an every day occurrences with the government looking the other way or pretending to be of help forcing the ordinary man in plateau state to believe that the government is serious backing the evil marauders.

According to Davou “it is common around here to see the Military harassing Berom youths and others going to farms with woods,sticks, machetes and cutlasses but yet  allow fully armed herdsmen with sophisticated weapons to walk freely all over the communities and villages as if the Military and the herds are in a relationship to wipe out the Berom from the face of the earth or creating the feeling that the Fulanis are first class Citizens and others are 2nd class”

He described the Fulani herdsmen as occupation force  for the Fulanis with expansionist and genocidal tendencies and only killing and looting to take all lands belonging to the indigenous people of Plateau which today they have done and in possession of over 54 communities and inhabited by Fulanis with the government, both state and Federal and the so called Military aware yet not sending them packing from these land they have killed and taken over.

In his words “’over 54 Communities belonging to the indigenous people of this state are in the hands of the Fulanis,the Federal Governmet.Plateau Government and the military all know this,patrol through these places and see the Fulanis with sophisticated weapons there but yet cant send them out of our land or arrest and prosecute them and even when we arrest and hand over to them within days the same arrested Fulanis are back to wreckk havoc on us truly confirming the belief that the Army,government is in know of the havocs of theses evil herdsmen”


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