Home ENTERTAINMENT Why plus-size girls are sweeter in bed than slim girls  – Research

Why plus-size girls are sweeter in bed than slim girls  – Research

Why plus-size girls are sweeter in bed than slim girlls  - Research

By Cletus Opukeme ( Entertainment Editor)

Some men love their ladies shorter, taller, or even fat lady.
Everyone has their unique taste when it comes to dating.


Though the media has painted an idea of slim women being the best out there, there are men who love to date fat women for a number of reasons.

A research carried out by a Lagos based ‘gigolo Mr. Johnson’ who took a survey by cross examining several men and their dating preferences. About 87% men gave a revealing impression of enjoying fat ladies during sex than slim women.

Mr. Jacob a taxi driver said that he enjoys fat ladies at bed time than slim ladies. He gave his preference on fat ladies. ” They are very fleshy and juicy as little romance and kissing makes their veins rise as they flush under, making them to be horny and wet quickly unlike the slim ladies who are dry that takes series of application to make them wet during foreplay.

Mr. Paul, a former oil company staff added that many fat ladies are also very energetic, strong  and that made them to endure hard sex than slimy ‘indomie” ladies who complain easily of womb pain. The most of the slim girls or women womb are not deep unlike the fat ladies who have deep fleshy womb that can swallow and endure sex at long time.

For Akpan, a popular Lagos DJ who had moved from Tripoli to Nigeria over travel documents, gave his experience,”One of the advantages of dating fat girls is that they are better at cuddling”.

While women who are not well endowed may turn some people off, fat girls are better to hold, and said by the men who love them that they better when cuddling is involved.

”The cuddling experience is always better when there is extra flesh to hold and feel.
Unlike the other girls, bigger girls are more practical” Onome from Delta State added.

This means that you will not spend a lot of energy dealing with someone who is self-absorbed.

Why plus-size girls are sweeter in bed than slim girlls  – Research

Medically, plus-size women ”do not easily under cs during labour as the flesh around the genital cavity or  cevix is thicker and expanded than slim women who have thin and closed cervix that does not allow children who weigh a little bit heavier, making pushing difficult.  Apart from that plus size- women have enough breast milk than slim women and many new born babies of slim women lack mother’s natural breast fluid, so they go for powdered milk” Said Dr. Reuben

Though all women spend time checking their appearance, plus-size women usually tend to spend little time on how they look.

Plus size or bigger woman will spend more of that time on her relationship with the man she loves. With plus-size women, you will never go hungry.

This is because most of them have great culinary skills that are matched with their bodies.
A bigger woman will know where to get great food and know how to prepare it to come up with even a better meal.


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