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Why Omafuaire is the real deal for Ughelli/Udu Federal Constituency


Comrade Akpokona Omafuaire

WARRI-Comrade Akpokona Omafuaire is a native of Akperhe-Olomu in
Ughelli-South Area of Delta State. His father, Late Pa Joseph
Omafuaire Ikpemeku married Mrs. Etawarien Omafuaire from the Ogbon
Royal family of Ogoni to give birth to him.

Young Omafuaire attended Odje Primary School Akperhe-Olomu from
1980-1984 and Azagba Primary School Otor-Owhe from 1984-1986 and
bagged his First School leaving certificate. He started his Secondary
education at Olomu Secondary School Otorere-Olomu from 1987-1989. His
quest and love for science made him to switch to Okpare Grammar School
between 1989-1993 where he got his SSCE WAEC with two distinction and
five credits.

Omafuaire got admitted to the great University of Benin in 1994 as he
passed the then difficult JAMB once. He graduated from University of
Benin with Second Class honours in Bachelor of Science Business

Omafuaire was posted to Government Secondary School Agila in Ado Local
Government Area of Benue State for his one year mandatory National
Youth Corp and served merritoriously where he made friends with the
great Prof. Moses Ochonu, formerly of University of Michigan.

Omafuaire, as a graduate of Businness Administration went into private
business practice for sometime but his quest for the emancipation of
the underprivileged saw him venturing into Journalism and he went on
to become professionalised when he bagged a merit Post Graduate
Diploma Certificate from the International Institute of Journalism

A determined Omafuaire became one of the first young Urhobo
journalists to get employment in a national newspaper outfit in Delta
State, an area hitherto a preserve of non-indigenes, The Vanguard
Newspaper as a Senior Photojournalist.

His dexterity saw him becoming, the first to combine news reporting
with photo news earning him the position of South-South Photo Editor.
Omafuaire, a disciplined and irrepressible vocal journalist has
covered the Niger Delta and Eastern region in key and delicate moment
when the best hands are needed. He covered tbe militancy crisis
risking his life as he was shot by militants and military in several
instances in the Southern Ijaw Council Area of Bayelsa and Warri South
West Area of Delta State.

As a strong voice, Omafuaire became the Financial Secretary of the
Nigerian Union of Journalists, Warri Correspondent Chapel. His strong
disciplined and principled nature earned him the name “IYETE” the
revered title of the Okumagba of Okere Warri Kingdom.

Omafuaire rose to become Secretary of the Union for six years before
emerging the Chairman in February 2017.

Omafuaire, a voracious reader further in his quest to emancipate the
downtrodden in 2014 started a career in law when he got admitted to
the Delta State University Abraka, Oleh Campus and graduated in May
2018 with Second Class Upper Honsours.

As a self made man, Omafuaire has fought the course of his people,
which endeared him to Kings, great Politicians and captains of
industries amongst others.

He joined the race to emancipate the underrepresented people of
Ughelli and Udu federal constituency seeing the maximum capacity of
the occupier of the seat as not good enough, as the people need a
vibrant, dogged and sagacious young intellectual to bring the pains of
the people to the national front burner.

Omafuaire having attained popularity with uncountable media reports
read and shared worldwide seeks no further recognition with just
contesting election, but driven by passion and pains of poor
representation amidst great suffering of his people.

As a tough voice and dogged advocate of good governance, Omafuaire is
the round peg for the round hole. Support Omafuaire, the real deal.
Rufus Ibebe Akpobome
Media Officer
Omafuaire Campaign Organization




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