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Whiz kid, Tiwa Savage love duel a mere publicity stunt

Whiz Kid and Tiwa Savage

  *As both run to the bank with several millions of Naira over ‘Fever’

The much talked about sexual affinity between Marvin musical Diva Tiwa savage and Nigeria Music god Whiz kid which took a life of its own in the world of entertainment is simply what it is, a mere publicity stunt to make more money for the duo.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the whole tales of a love affair between the Marvin big girl and his far younger counterpart in the Musical industry popularly called Whiz kid is not truly happening but a work of fiction using video to help push up sales and career of the both acts.

Daily Watch in its two Weeks investigations confirmed that ‘Fever’ ,the musical work which video catapulted the sexual relationship tales to high heavens following the extremely make belief sexual acts simulations that was exhibited  in the video was actually a serious business working deals reached by the two parties to catch on the trending rumour about the two in an affinity to make more money.

Daily Watch Sources close to whiz Kid confirm that Tiwa is like a big sister and a strong musical inspiration to Wizzy and the ‘Fever’ video is one of several entertainment stunt the duo are cooking for the Nigerian and world audience hence the refusal of both to not only remain mute about the affinity tales but reinforcing in to make more money for themselves.

Daily Watch Sources has it that the ‘Fever’ video which hit the roof top in viewership and brought several millions as returns to whiz kid would see the Marvin Musical goddess also pocketing twenty percent of the gross returns from the Musical video alone which was part of the agreement reached before the shooting of the highly explosive and make belief wok that has stretched the tale of an affinity to all high pitch in a very highly rumour prone society like Nigeria.

Daily Watch attempts to Speak with Tiwa or Wizzy on the strong belief among Nigerians of a serious amorous affinity between the two of them was not possible as at press time but a close associate of Wizzy, popularly called start boy by name T-Roy Akinkumi confirmed the tale of the whole love tango been a mere publicity stunt as both has not even been together since after the Video stunt.




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