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What is the EFCC, ICPC, DSS waiting to arrest Buhari’s rogue billionaire business associate  Haladu Danu Nasir on trial?

Billionaire businessman Haladu Danu Nasir ...under the face of Buhari's anti-corruption war

*Just as Presidency, Cabal go mute shockingly over associate disgraceful arrest, deportation from UK.

By Ahmed Ahmadu, Abuja

This seem to be the single question millions of Nigerians are asking following the shocking arrest of one of the most important and close associate business wise to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria  Haladu Daru Nasir for money laundry and passport racketeering few days ago in far away United Kingdom.


Haladu Daru Nasir who is known in the inner cycle of most government Multi Billion Naira Business as an agent of the power that be in several mult-billion Naira negotiations for contracts and cuts was caught in Heathrow Airport in the United kingdom using a  Maltese Passport with over 200,000 pounds in his possession to hide his identity in what has become another serious text of the Buhari’s administration so called corruption fight as the culprit who many suspect is ferrying the money to the wife of the President in the United Kingdom where she has been hibernation running two months plus now following what insiders in the Villa confided in Daily Watch to be her unending fuss with the Aso Rock Cabal  who see described as holding her husband hostage over the years and destroying her husband’s administration.

Daily Watch investigations in the seat of Power confirms that the Popular Haladu Daru Nasir is a key ally of President Buhari and members of the Cabal and used mostly for collections of kick backs and front payments for several multi Billion Naira contracts issued by the Nigeria Government and most time also used to launder dirty money out of the country as he was just caught doing at the popular Heathrow Airport in United Kingdom using the passport of Malta to hide his identity and the whole money he was Laundering out of Nigeria for some influential Nigerians in the top echelon of Power.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that while Haladu has been deported back to Nigerian by the UK security after getting the 200,00 ponds seized, the several Nigerian Anti Corruption body who are supposed to have go after him to not only arrest him but investigate how  and on whose behalf he ewas ferrying the said sum with the passport of another country have kept a solid silence ovr the case as oif nothing has happened forcing many to wonder if the EFCC and the ICPC only does their job when the issues concerns those seen as critics or opposition figures.

Sources in the seat of power confirms to Daily Watch that immediately Haladu got back from his escapade in the United kingdom his first port of Call was the Aso Rock Villa pointing to the fact that something linking him with the whole money and Villa too place in the botched travel to the United Kingdom and confirming the fear that the anti Graft agency are facing as regards going after the Money Laundry who is seen as a big associates of not just the President Family but also key members of the Aso Rock Cabal.

This act of the EFCC /ICPC is seen by many as a confirmation of the statements and accusation by many that the so called tales of an anti Corruption body working is only tenable when it involves those to frame up and others who are seen as critics of government or members of the PDP.

Daily Watch spoke to the EFCC Spokes Person Tony Orilade on the delay of the Commission in arresting and putting Haladu Nasir Danu on trial for Money Laundry and Passport Racketeering and all he could say was the EFCC is yet to be briefed o any such case a pointer to the fact that someone somewhere is really dictating to the EFCC who to and who not to carry out arrest and investigations on.



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