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Wetland Micro-finance bank has empowered 1,975 youths with Keke Napep as wealth distribution scheme – M/D, Mrs Kpedi Justina



WARRI- The managing director Wetland Micro-finance bank, Mrs Kpedi Justina has said that her financial institution has empowered 1,975 youths across  Delta state with Tri-cycle, popularly called Keke Napep as part of its wealth distribution scheme  which beneficiaries are to return little amount  daily till become bonafide owner in eight months.


The Managing director of Wetland Micro finance bank, Mrs Kpedi Justina disclosed today (Monday) while fielding questions with journalists in her office in Warri, said ‘‘we decided to create this chain of wealth distribution creation after we have seen that there are a lot of jobless youths in the society. More worrisome is jobless university graduates in the country.

‘‘ We have eleven branches across Delta State. We took it upon ourselves to render a helping hand to the teeming jobless youths in the country, those who can ride it to make a living with an agreement to make a daily return for a period of eight months and  become a owner of a Tri-cycle.

‘‘We help everybody in the society irrespective of tribe, religion and sex. The beneficiaries cut across the tribe as far as you can show commitment to ride our Tri-cycle and benefit from our wealth distribution. From our records today 12th February 2018, there are about 1, 975 beneficiaries are not only males, there are some females who I know are beneficiaries and they are doing well. Some beneficiaries  who have completed their eight months payment arrangement, will come again to sign for another brand new one and give their first one to another person to ride and gets daily or weekly returns as the terms could be.’’ She noted

Mrs Kpedi stressed that empowering society is part of the Micro-finance bank roles to make its immediate communities feel the positive impact of the financial institution. ‘‘It is our primary role to help the society as part of our corporate social responsibility (CRS) signed with the federal government. It is not all about making profit only’’ she said.

She further said that beneficiaries have returned to express their gratitude to the top bank management for providing a life-line for them and their immediate families. ‘‘ Many beneficiaries told me that since they have been given the Try-cycle, their social status changed in their locality as they were able to provide for their families, especially prompt payment of their children tuition fees and meeting other financial obligation at ease’’

She however, appealed to both Delta State and federal government to create the enabling environment for investors to do business in the country, especially providing security and constant electricity.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chukwudi Charles, George Onoriode and Paul Amadi who were readily available at the bank premises to make their daily returns told visiting journalists that Wetland Micro-finance bank has done tremendously in the lives of several youths in Nigeria by providing a line-line through the Try-cycle scheme of wealth distribution to jobless youths across the state.

The beneficiaries who spoke with excitement visibly seen on their faces expressed gratitude to the management of the micro-finance bank. They prayed to the management to continue to soar high and move from strength to strength for touching lives and bringing hope to thousands of hopeless unemployed youths in the country.



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