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‘We‘ll not support succession agenda’-Itsekiri Ethnic Nationality




WARRI-The Itsekiri National Forum,INF at a world press conference which held at the Palace of the Olu of Warri Kingdom, HRM. Ogiame Ikenwoli on Thursday October 12 vowed that the Itsekiri Nation will not support or harbor any violent agitation or ambition for the Split and or exclusion of any State or any of the Ethnic nationalities presently constituting the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

While noting that “Nigeria remains one indivisible and dissolvable sovereign State”, the Executive Secretary of the Olu in Council, Chief Kofi.E. Kartey called on the Federal Government to urgently take actions that will bring about “True Restructuring” of Nigeria for justice and equity amongst others.

Kartey noted that the Itsekiri Nation supports support whole heartedly the call for a National Conference with equal participation of each ethnic nationality and within a legal framework to guarantee freedom in the examination and determination among other critical issues for national development.

Kartey stated that such national conference should take into reckoning the work that was done at 2014 National Conference with conclusions put to a referendum of the people of Nigeria so that the outcome shall be truly felt by the people of Nigeria.

Kartey said,”The system that will ensure fairness and equity for all irrespective of tribe or religion.”

“Minority protection and development to ensure that the immense diversity of ethnic nationalities comprised in the state continue to co-exist together in peace,prosperity and progress as citizens of one country united in common interest and destiny”.

“The restructuring of the revenue sharing formula and devolution of powers between the Federal Government and the Confederating States or Regions to ensure fiscal federalism.”

“We therefore advocate that the federating states must retain some measure of independence and autonomy.”

Kartey stated that the call became necessary because  the Itsekiri Nation has been “inherently disadvantaged” by the present Nigeria’s socio-political arrangements inspite of its contributions to the Nation’s purse.

Kartey who was flanked by the Chairman Council of Chiefs,Chief T.Y. Pessu and the Director of Palace Administration of Olu Palace in Warri noted that the Itsekiri nation hosts two seaport in Koko and Warri pointing out that corruption, nepotism insecurity to injustices are problems that have bedeviled the country’s economic,political and social development.

While noting that the Itsekiri Nation is endowed with abundant enormous marine resources arising from two navigable rivers, Kartey said,” We have resolved to contribute our ideas for true peace (As peace is not just the absence of war)unity, equity, prosperity and development of this country.”




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