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We will crush Amotekun, kill Yorubas for every cow  killed –  Mohammed Kirowa Miyitti President

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*All Yorubas should prepare to leave the North if Ametokun stands.

By Ahmed Admadu, Kano

The way it stands ,it is like the Miyitti Allah’s Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria are not just above the Laws of Nigeria but much more powerful than the Federal government if their diverse utterances, threats and orders to Nigerians are anything to go by.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that no one association, body or tribe has spoken with such intense threats, confession of Genocidal acts and orders o other Nigerians like the Miyitti group of which President Buhari remains the Life Patron and yet remains un-condemned or dealt with by the Federal government.

The Miyitti Allah’s Group which has almost taken the function and actions of he Federal government of Nigeria s regards the issue of the Ametokun has even moved further to not just threatened to deal with Ametokun itself but all Yorubas if the Security outfit meant for the South West is allowed to exist at all.

The new threat of the Miyitti Group was dished out few days ago by he leader and National President of the Miyitti Allah’s Group Mohammadu Kirowa who wholly announced that the Ametokun group would be totally crushed even in the South West but the Fulanis and also warned all Yorubas to Prepare to leave the North if the Security outfit Ametokun is allowed to exist.

In the exact works of Mohammadu Kirowa “The coming of Ametokun is geared towards stopping the Fulani Grazing in Yoruba land and we are ready for them, we would crush Ametokun and totally deal with any Yoruba that work against the interest of the herders in Yoruba land. For any Cow killed by the JUJU on Yoruba land, we the herders would also take the lives of the Yorubas and for any Fulani killed we will also do same as Ametokun must stop”

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that since the coming of the new Security outfit in the name of Ametokun into the Yoruba states ,the Fulanis herders  seem to be crying even higher than the people of the South West were the Security Outfit is to be situated thereby prompting many Nigerians to sk the real aim of the herders serious cry against a security outfit for the South West or if they the herders are part and parcel of the insecurity that has taken over the South West for them to be afraid of a security body that would help curtailed the menace of the Security challenges in the South West.

Mohammadu Kirowa who has issued over twenty speeches on the Ametokun issue and given several threats against Nigerians and the Yorubas over the Security body Ametokun has not for once been arrested or questioned by any Security body or replied by the DSS or anyone whatsoever for the many inciting threats that the herders group are every passing day giving unto the Yorubas openly on papers and all news television prompting many to ask if the herders as suspected are above the laws of Nigeria because their Life Patron is the County’s President.

Daily Watch through text messages to the DSS over the continual and continuous  threats of War, killings etc by the Cattle breeders group over the Ametokun and the silence by the DSS was not responded to by the Spokesperson of the DSS Peter Affunayi until press time





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