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We are set to win national sports festival, says Obaseki’s aide

Mr. Godwin Obaseki

By Isaac Olamikan, Senior Correspondent, Benin


Edo State Commissioner for Youth, Damian Lawani, has promised that the state is putting everything in place to ensure that it wins the 2020 National Sports Festival which it is hosting.



In a chat, the commissioner said: “As for the 2020 National Sports Festival we are very prepared. We are home and dry for hosting to win. We believe our hosting should give us the privilege of also winning.


“The youths are prepared to participate actively in the festival. With the involvement of the state Deputy Governor, Comrade Philip Shaibu, who is also the chairman of the Local Organising¬†Committee(LOC), the youths are energised more that this is one ample opportunity for them to demonstrate the stuff they are made of because those days when you talk about sports in Nigeria if Edo State is not mentioned sports activity is not complete.


“Therefore, we are ready to showcase that and come back to where we were as a very serious sporting state in Nigeria. We are ready to make Edo proud.


“Basically, you know that the youths are those involved, youth ministries and sporting activities are created to take away the youths from social vices to make them utilise their strength and energy for positive development of their state. That’s what this programme is aimed at doing to our youths and we are ready and prepared.


“From the facilities to security to business wise. It’s going to improve on the economy and the government is ready.


“Godwin Obaseki is a blessing to Edo State and with all the hosting that is going on here and there I am sure it will bring faster development to the economy of the state.


“The youths should be gingered enough to participate and to ensure that they make us proud.”



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