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Was Terwase Akwasa Alias Gana murdered by the Military over his planned revelations?

Terwase Akwasa Alias Gana

By Ahmed Ahmadu, Abuja


*As stories of his been used for some expansionist agenda and land aggrandizement, acquisition in the N/C gained ground before his murder.

In what many including the Governor of Benue state have come to described as blatant murder in spite of the Military suspicious tales and lies of a superlative gun battle between the Benue state notorious Bandit and men of the Nigerian Military, snippets of expose from several members of Gana 200 members militia group have fully given clear glimpse as to the real reason and haste with which the bandit was hurriedly Murdered or is it ‘’killed in battle ‘‘as the Nigerian Military want Nigerians to believe.

Daily Watch painstaking investigations by Ojigbo lucky that took him  from Abuja to Benue up to keffi and which  took this him face to face with some  staunch and inner caucus  members of the over 200 members Gana trained Militia and members of the Benue state officials in the Gana Convoy exposed a monumental cover up plots which  the murder of Gana has become and one in which Daily Watch investigations confirmed was on a mission to embrace the State Government amnesty initiated by the Benue state governor for Gana and all other militia members that  agreed to surrender and embrace peace.

Daily Watch investigation and  discuss with one of the Gana most trusted and loyal boys popularly called  called  Major but with real name as Oandehemba confirmed like the Benue state Governor and several others in the Gana’s Convoy  that Gana was never killed in any Gun battle with the Military as the Military are fighting to make Nigerian believe but was rather murdered after been forcefully taken off the convoy of the Benue state government team that went to pick the bandit immediately he accepted the state government amnesty program  and heading with some Benue state Officials to the state Capital.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that Gana surrender and eventual acceptance of the amnesty program me was said to have angered some selected top Nigerians who are said to have severally used Gana for very dangerous and highly murderous attacks in  several states in the North Central with huge payments running into Millions of Naira been paid to him with the recent been a suspected deal with some highly place leaders who were said to be affiliated to some herders to assist in taking firm control of most communities, towns and villages in Taraba state for which Gana was  t be paid close to about 30million Naira which he out rightly rejected and asked for about 70 Million for himself and his well over 200 Militia  boys but to which the men rejected and they parted ways with Gana.

Daily watch Sources and also Gana main boy one Major confirmed that it was the fear of those who contract Gana for this   evil job and several others that Gana may spill the beans with names mentioned as he had already started speaking that necessitated the speedy ambush and killing of Gana by men of the Nigerian Military with allegiance to this suspected killer group that has turned Kaduna and the North Central into one massive killing field.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that while in the Northern States of Zamfara, Sokoto ,Katsina and even the dreaded Bornu, Boko Haram leaders who are worse off than Gana and Militias in the mentioned states are everyday been escorted even by the Nigerian Military  and given heroic treatment once they accept to embrace amnesty  which is the same thing Gana had done only for the same Military that was quick to lead and protect hundreds of other repentant Boko Haram and Bandits in the North to rush and at gun point, hijacked the state government convoy having emissaries of the state governor and a Local Government Chairman, extract Gana and take him away to murder and hurriedly come out with the big lies of killing Gana during a gun battle known only to the Military officers that carried out the  dastard act.

Daily Watch findings amongst all those present during the Military hijacking confirmed that Gana was unarmed and was in the convoy heading to the state capital after months of pleading and persuasion by several eminent persons including among others the  Honorable Bishop of Gboko William Aveyan and the ex Governor of Benue state from Benue state  who were said to have played major role in making Gana to have come to accept the said amnesty for which he eventually met his death in the hands of the Nigerian Military men in a classic case of Murder.

Daily Watch sources has it that Gana death was simply carried out to hide several secret deals and killings he and his boys were paid by some persons to carry out in several places in the North Central with the recent been the little he spoke about before his eventual death in which he openly confirmed that some persons approached him with Millions to aid them in taking over communities in Taraba to which the deal didn’t scale through as  a result of  monetary insufficiency as  Gana and his boys wanted  a whopping 70 Million naira to turn Taraba to a killing field as against the 30 millions their supposed sponsors were willing to part with.

Daily Watch spoke to some members of the Gana 200man  militia who transverses the forest in Benue to some part of Taraba state on the murder of their leader and the supposed  wrong deal he refused carrying out in Taraba  and one of his boys popularly called Oandehenba aka  Major confirmed the story and also believed that Gana was murdered by the Military hence the lies the Military is churning out about how Gana was killed when they actually pulled in off the Convoy in which he too(Major ) was in before taking him alive away to be killed on the others of some persons in higher authorities who are afraid of what Gana might say as regards several killings in the North Central and some highly placed persons involved for the purpose of helping their people to take over land,

Daily watch struggled to directly hear from the Military on the contradiction from several eyewitnesses on the killing of Gana whom the Military claimed they killed in a gun battle but all efforts to get the Military spokesperson in Benue to speak on the issue was met with a stern break wall.




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