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Warri V.I.O Officials in extortion spree, commercial tricycles, mini bus operators are major victims



*Impounds over 50 tricycles and mini buses in their station



Mr. Onyeisi Innocent and some VIO harassed Keke riders victims  in VIO NPA station Warri

WARRI- Officials of the Vehicle Inspection Office, VIO in a shady racket in Warri Delta state as they have impounded over 50 tricycles, popularly called ‘‘ Keke’’ and mini buses that refused to play game in their extortion bid to make quick money, which has caused widespread outcry by the victims in Warri and its environs.

Daily Watch investigations at the Warri office of the VIO in NPA at about 1pm today (Monday) March 12, confirmed the wrath and high level of extortion and harassment of commercial tricycle workers, as we saw impounded and abandoned  several tricycles and mini buses in the back of the station.

A victim of VOI harassment and extortion Mr. Onyeisi Innocent at Okumagba who narrated his ordeal whose tricycle with Registration number: KPE 077 QB , said ‘‘  The VIO official impounded my keke over a crack of the windscreen and that crack was caused by another VIO official in another point. They said I must pay N10,000 or they will impound my Keke. I argued with them but they overpowered me and drove my Keke, including my loads and two women who are my passenger and their loads (goods) to station’’

Mr.Innocent’s cracked windscreen  by VIO official that led to his Keke impound

There were several victims who are in the similar helpless situation like Mr. Innocent that were seen loitering in the station. One of the victims identified as Mr. Timothy Eke told our reporter ‘‘They detained my Keke three days ago. They said my driving license has expired last week which is a big lie. My driving license will expire 28th March 2018. They said I didn’t have fire extinguisher and other documents I knew nothing about. They asked me to pay them N12, 000 or they threatened that they will impound and auction my Keke .I don’t have the money to pay them.

VIO officials impound Mr. Innocent Keke with goods over cracked windscreen

Continuing ‘‘ The worst thing is that I am making a daily balancing to a bank and since they impounded my Keke, I have also defaulted my agreement and if this continues for one week, the bank will arrest me for defaulting the transaction agreement. I have told the bank too that VIO seized my keke for three days which the bank officials had promised to come to the VIO station to release my keke. My bank said they will sue them to court’’

The incident almost caused serious altercations between journalists who stormed the VIO premises following the cries of the commercial tricycle operators.

A very rude VIO Official who claimed to have come from the Asaba Office referred journalists to go to the Commissioner for Transportation,Mr. Vincent Uduaghan stressing that,”They have a PRO. Ministry will not take it likely with us if we speak.

The VIO Official who refused to disclose his name said,”Commissioner has the right to tell you everything you want. Nobody will give you good answer.”


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