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Warning: RUGA Settlement, Nigerians should look at Kachi in Southern Kaduna travails

File photo: Armed herdsmen

 *As End result is Fulani Emirates in your own land fused with killings and expansionist game-James Ashakole

By Lucky Ojigbo & Cletus Opukeme (Editors)

Another *Southern Kaduna indigene Elder James Ashakole has open caution Nigerians not to foolishly fall for the massive deceit of the Federal government to create a so called RUGA settlement which would help solve the problem of Fulani herders clash.

Elder James who spoke just few days after one  Jonathan Asake, a former aide to President Olusegun Obasanjo on Channels Television gave a serious knock down on the same Ruga Settlement that was set up in Southern Kaduna years ago that has not transform from a Ruga to a big Metropolitan Towns that the Southern Kaduna Fulanis now inhabit and called their town thereby depriving the original indigenes of all land within and outside the vicinity and the Fulanis now having their own traditional rulers and presently angling for an Emirate of their own.

According to Ashakole “Any state that makes the mistake Southern Kaduna foolishly did several years back would weep exactly as we in the Four Local Government that before now falls under Kachi are presently weeping and crying over the menace of theses Fulanis who have not just converted the Ruga into a new town and other supporting Villages bit helped by those  Fulanis in Authority to transform the so call Fulani Ruga to major cities and metropolis while the cattle for such settlement are now spread more into other villages and town and by so create a new Fulani dynasty in Southern Kaduna as the so called Ruga is no more existing on ground but a new cities and town call  Laduga in Fulani which s now having Fulani rulers and fighting to have an Emirate in Southern Kaduna”

Ashakole warned every state that foolishly wants to give even a pole to the Fulanis to first ask how the giving of land RUGA has helped Southern Kaduna to stall or stop herders killings, looting and genocidal attack before daring to make the same mistake and bringing the enemies to their door step in the name of a so called Ruga.

Ashakale who was almost in tears warned other states to look before been deceived as the whole lies and deceit of the RUGA is simply to expand the Fulanis and create more towns and land in every other states for their kiths and kin and rather than stop conflict would in the years ahead help increase killings, looting, land grabbing by the Fulanis who are good at expansionist agenda with war, arms and modern head gear.

In his words “I pity any state that would fall fr the many reasons been bandy about as reasons for a RUGA in each state as it is simply an expansionist game plot that would result in the long run in death, looting and all evil when the Fulanis have finally settled and transform the so called RUGA to cities and start moving to the surrounding towns and villages for their cattle. All states should send some delegation to learn from the very clear and foolish mistakes of the Southern Kaduna leaders that they are seriously now still paying for with lives of our children, wives and brothers all in the name of RUGA settlement”.

He lambasted the Buhari administration of promoting a Fulani agenda as if the Fulanis are the only tribe in Nigeria with the recent RUGA scheme, Radio Fulani, Nomadic Education etc as if other tribes don’t exist.




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