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War of words in the Villa: Aisha calls for total sack of employees by cabal



ABUJA-Just as the Nigeria political space is cloudy over the many corruption related scandals besetting the Buhari government so also the Aso Rock Villa is on fire.



Daily Watch investigations in Abuja confirmed that the wife of the President ,the President and his cousin who stands as the Defacto President has a burst up over the several corruption related issues that Nigerians have been regaled within the less than two years of the Buhari administration and the result of the bickering among the trio was said to have resulted in a serious shouting match between the first lady and the President’s Cousin.



Over the weeks, the need to do what is right to save not just the President’s name but that of the Ruling APC which the President’s wife sees as totally rubbished over the series of filth coming out in the open

according to information, the President wife was highly miffed by the whole corruption stories oozing from the seat of Power and recommended the immediate sacking of the President Buhari cabinet and all appointments made by the cabal and replacement with genuine and patriotic Nigerians to not only save the APC but re-invent the Party and the President name before it is totally rubbished. But this was said not to have gone well with the Cousin of the President who to those in the seat of Power stands as the President and final clearing house of all decisions of the Buhari government as he was said to have not only threatened the wife of the President but repeatedly cautioned her against putting her nose in the affairs of the Buhari’s administration as her place remains in the Kitchen and the background.


Mamman Duara was said to have cautioned against the sack of anyone in the several corruption related cases or that of  Maina as he claimed that the whole issue was not only blown out of proportion but that the relevant agencies are investigating how Maina blew his Pension loot and that when the investigations are complete the case would shift to taking Maina accomplices to court and not about Maina reinstatement and Promotion as it was unwise to drop anyone on account of Maina but let those that Maina feed with money be pursued thereby shifting the focus and brouhaha from those who brought Maina in to the recipient of huge loots of Maina.


While all the shouts and altercations were going on the President who was said to be present was said to have remained mute fuelling speculations that the president is totally not in tune with the days to day administration of governance as he doesn’t seem to be himself.

Already true to  Mamman Duara’s decisions during the arguments thee Nigerian  the Security agencies and anti graft bodies have  been ordered by Mamman Duara through the office of the chief of Staff  to carry out a quick but detailed investigation into all those Maina was said to have enriched with Police Pension  Fund rather than investigating how Maina was reinstated into the Nigerian Civil Service which was the start and major cause  of the whole Mainagate  crisis as a way to fool Nigerians and allow all those involved in the reinstatement of Maina who are men close to the President to go scot free.


In the days  coming Nigerians would be fooled with the several Billions Maina looted and those he shared same to there by pushing the major focus of how Maina was reinstated and promoted down the ladder such   that the key cabal members who were said to have collected over 2 billion  plus to not only draft Maina back to the Civil service, gave him over twelve Police escorts and fifteen DSS officials as his Security and a DSS safe House to the bargain so as to  rehabilitate him before 2019 and then sell him to Boron indigenes as their Governorship candidate relegated to the dustbin and forgotten.


Daily Watch was able to reach out to the Economic and Financial Crimes commission on why the investigation on Maina was only centered on the old investigated case of looting and not the present lootings that took place in the few period he resumed and on all those involved in the recall process but the EFCC spokesman was not forth coming on that but only told Daily Watch that the issue of Maina Recall and Promotion does not fall under the EFCC  investigations but his looting prior to his   escape.



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