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War in Imo as Okorocha’s son in-law Nwosu’s thugs attack deputy Gov. Madumere



      *As Deputy plans cutting out Gov anointed Son in-Law to size to power



OWERRI-The Political atmosphere in Imo state APC seem like  the commencement of a long drawn war if the attacks, fight, battle and war of words already hitting the whole of Imo state over who the right man for the APC governorship Ticket is supposed to go to is anything to work on.

Daily Watch findings in Imo State Capital Owerri confirms that the tension in the state seem palpable as the party in the state is torn between Okorocha the Present Governor who wants his Son in Law and Chief of Staff to the State Government Chief Uche Nwosu to succeed him and has expanded over 10 billion so far in this pursuit and the Deputy Governor Chief Eze Madumere who has learnt the rope of deceit and treachery from the Master himself.

It would be recalled that Eze Madumere becoming the State Deputy Governor was a simply a ploy then by the State Governor Okorocha to scheme out his then political supporter with whom he had an agreement to run one tenure and hand over to him only to turn and use Eze Madumare and members of the House of Assembly them to weed out Agbasso the then Deputy Governor to paver Way for Eze Madumare and getting his 2nd term ticket simply on the Plata of gold.

Now Come 2019 the chicken now has come home to roast as Okorocha again wanted his 2nd Deputy out of the Governorship race for his son In –law but this time having learnt the rope and game of deceit and trickery that Okorocha Politics is all about, the Deputy is said to have all the years build up his own political groups and followers who he too has now beacon on to fight his political fight with his Master over who takes the ticket for the APC governorship ticket to the Imo Governor House come 2019.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that Eze Madumare seem a terribly and hard knot for Okorocha to crack as all attempts to deal with him politically for towing a line different from the governor is said to have fallen like pack of cards just vas all attempts to lobby the house with several millions is also said to be seeming difficult for the state Governor to achieve prompting many to ask if the son has mastered the act of the Master in the dicey political waters of deceit.

Days ago in Mbatoli Local Government Area of the State, it was chaotic and free for all fight when supporters of the Deputy Governor almost lynched supporters of the anointed candidate who is the son in Law of Governor Okorocha for daring to move their campaign gimmick to the home locale of the Deputy Governor who is said to have hailed from Mbatoili and has the 100 percent backing of his people to go full scale for the Governorship slot as against the Promise of a Federal appointment Okorocha is Dangling for him and several billions to step aside.

Already the state is said to be in uncommon and unrivaled tension as the two great masters of canny and deceit battle over who has the better acumen to outwit his rival, the days ahead certainly seem dark if details and stories on ground is anything to hazard any form of guess on.

Attempts to speak to the Imo state Deputy Governor on the battle in Mbatoli Local Government area and massive tension in the state was not possible as at Press time


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