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Vocal, boastful APC Chairman Adams Oshiomhole finally caged

APC National Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole


By Cletus Opukeme & Solomon Ebipade

This doesn’t seem to be good time for the Chairman of the ruling Party the APC as he is out of the limelight for over two months running to the shock and  surprise of many of his ardent political supporters and fans.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the Silence of Adams Oshiomole who before now was almost the Spokesman and Publicity Secretary fused with owner  of the APC without a day passing without the vocal Chairman firing from both sides of his mouth   and on all cylinders to whosoever and whatsoever he wishes to.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that Adams Silence running into about two months is not borne out of ill health or his personal decision but one forced on him by the President and the Cabal.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the Presidency was becoming disenchanted with the speeches and several strong statements of the APC chairman which rather than helping the party and the Presidency was creating more rift and problems in the Party.

The most fearful statement that led to the great cautioned and gag on the APC vocal and boastful chairman was that which he issued that all positions in the National Assembly must bye held by the APC with PDP not going to have even positions of Committee head in the new National Assembly a speech that almost tore the fabric of the APC in the National Assembly and almost alienates the two choices of the PC as President and Speaker of both houses from the whole PDP and some APC members themselves who see this as too churlish, childish and undemocratic.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that it was after this speech that the Chairman was summoned  by the Cabal in the Presence e of the President, Bola Tinubu and some few APC leaders and cautioned serious against his fair weathered speeches which were antithetical to  democratic practices and Principles all over the world and a way of creating strange enmity rather than playing Politics and thoroughly warned to call himself to order and shut his big mouth up or be forcefully taken out as chairman of the Party.

Daily Watch Sources has it that it was this timely warnings that has kept the Chairman shut up running not just two months but kept him mute for so long over the National assembly Leadership upbeat and other Political issues playing out for some months now.

Daily watch fight to Speak with the APC Chairman through his Press aide was not possible as e effused picking his calls despite phone ringing consistently for some time.




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