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VIDEO: Is Gov. Okowa aware school children are sitting on floors in Delta ?

Igbokoda secondary school, Warri North LGA, Delta State.

By Cletus Opukeme, Warri

Barely two weeks ago  Daily Watch news crew went on a tour of secondary schools in Delta state and drew the attention of the state governor Senator Ifeanyi Okowa and other prominent leaders to the plight of modern day children facing in the name of acquiring basic education.

We had earlier reported that several schools,  in modern twenty first century, we saw children in school uniform sitting virtually on the bate floor while lesson was going on, copying note on the floor. Tears rolled down some of the  eyes of  Daily Watch media crew, seeing children  sitting on floor with school uniform.


The Commissioner for basic education and secondary schools in the state Mrs. Rose Ezewu who recently resumed as commissioner of education. Instead of applauding or commending Daily Watch’s effort to go round schools  selflessly, the commissioner rather  accused Daily Watch as blackmailers and so many unprintable names in a counter press release.

The commissioner did not end there as she sent a circular to all the schools barring journalists from visiting any schools in the state to cover the rot in public education in the state.

She was not the cause, but she was covering decades of maladministration and atrocity against Delta school children. Despite the fact that Delta state government in the last three years has spent about twelve billion naira for education in the state with nothing to show for it, rather than Newspapers and television.

The story is the same in Nana Model College, Ekpan Secondary School and many other schools across the three senatorial districts. It is beyond Daily News organization to provide chairs for the most deplorable schools. But we calling on well meaning local and international organizations to come to the aid of the poor Delta secondary and primary school pupils through our organization and the state government to help schools with infrastructure.

Watch Video below:

Worst is the fact that the Governor of Delta state was  recently honoured as the best governor. of Nigeria. Should those who awarded governor Okowa withdraw his award or compel him to do the needful, if he is to continue with his medal as best governor of Nigeria.





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