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Vice President Osibanjo lied about 2nd Niger Bridge-Doyin Okupe



       * VP Osibanjo lied or merely playing Politics about payment of 2billion dollars during Anambra visit as only 2billion Naira was paid

        *Oshiomole claims of 140 billion was a lie from pit of hell or he is just political


VP   Yemi Osinbajo

LAGOS- The Controversy and claims about the true state of the 2nd Niger bridge is far from over as solid facts and figures from a man who was there and knows enough has come out to put to lie the diverse stories, pictures, lies and tales from the moonlight by the Vice President Yemi Osibanjo and ex-Governor of Edo State Adams Oshiomole.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that the special focus with detailed lies the Buhari administration is painting about the 2nd niger bridge is simply a lie to fool the Igbos so as to get them along in their 2nd term pursuit which they APC desperately seek and has ttally opt for lies to hoodwink many innocent Igbos and Nigerians.

According to expose from Doyin Okupe,the facts about the 2nd Niger Bridg are as glaring as sunlight and Oshiomole and Osibanjo were merely struggling to distort the facts.

According to  the former aide to President Good luck Jonathan  in a message  he entitled  ‘’GEJ, Buhari and the Second Niger Bridge’’ Okupe exposes several lies and secret about the bridge which included among others that the Bridge is simply not just a PPP Project with the federal Government contributing a little fraction but that the bridge must be toll by Julieus Berger who is the sole Financial of the Project for which the Jonathan Government  in 2023 when work started  paid a whopping 21.2  billion Naira about 71  percent of the 30 billion the Nigerian Government  is supposed to contribute as counterpart funding for the project put at a total cost of  117 billion Naira with Julius Berger putting the balance in to the project which would have been concluded by 2017 but for the work stoppage for 31 months under the Buhari’s administration.

Doyin Okupe also exposed the facts that the Buhari Government which is spreading pictures with claims of work on the 2nd Niger bridge are simply spreading the same state of work pictures of the 38 percent of work done as at 2015 when Jonathan left government and lampooned Oshiomole for lying that over 140 billion was wasted on Administration during Jonathan Era  since a 140 billion cannot be paid for a 117 billion naira project for administration.

The former Jonathan aide also described claims by Vice President Osibanjo during Anambra Elections that the  Buhari government paid over  2 billion dollars as a lie from the pit of hell as what the Buhari Government  actually paid was merely 2 billion Naira and not dollars  with the plot to pay the balamce 3.05  when 2018 budget is passed  and approved.

Okupe also claimed that the only percentage of work doneunder this Government is just 5-7 percent thereby putting the total work done when added to what the state of work was during Jonathan administration as at 2015 as  43-45 percent.

Okupe also told the igbos and Nigerians that the bridge would be tolled by Julius Berger to recoup all they spent in the construction process as Julius Berger are the real people Constructing the 2nd Niger Bridge .

The former aide concluded by lambasting politicians in the ruling Party and anyone claiming in face book or wherever of the glory in the level of the 2nd Niger bridge with pictures should well be told that this administration did not  initiate, start or did anything special but only added  5-7 percent on what the Jonathan government did on the 2nd Niger bridge to bring it to what it is today.


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