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Update: Count down to zero hour as Avengers Set up Strike Teams




*Vows not to listen to govt pleas


* As final list for attack and places mapped.

WARRI- Finally all seem set for the much reported militants attack in the
Niger Delta if the result from the final meet held hours ago in the
inner creeks of the Niger Delta is anything to judge.

The meeting which was a strategic one was said to have been initiated to
see if there could be a hold on the planned commencement of actions
as a result of the pleas from the Federal Government   to abort the
planned debacle by the most dreadful and tested Militant group in
the Niger Delta- the Avengers.

Daily Watch investigations can confirm that rather than abate the
Avengers are finally in the zero hour and may launch their first hit
any minute from now except some divine intervention
as the group has finally mapped out places and areas of attack and
dispatched all strike teams to take necessary positions for the much
talked about resumption of hostilities by the Avengers who are said to
be angered by the serial lies and deceit of the Federal Government over
the issues of the Niger Delta and the 16 point agreement reached with
the Government by the elders from the Niger Delta which the Federal
Government seem to be treating with extreme levity.

Already all seem set just as the Operation Crocodile tears 11 team are
also said to be not only in alert but has commenced raid on many black
spots with the intent to get as much hostages as possible from whom
there can extract information that would help in the apprehension of
the leaders of the avengers.
How the situation would go would be known in the second, minute hours,
day and weeks ahead as the boys in the creeks seem set on
completing their ploy to cripple all forms of oil exploitation.

Daily Watch attempts to speak with leaders of the Operation Crocodile
tears 11 were not possible before going to press.


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