Home ENTERTAINMENT Unveiling Ijaw music maestro,  B2S Abaya Tubor, trending single ‘Tare Oge’ crooner

Unveiling Ijaw music maestro,  B2S Abaya Tubor, trending single ‘Tare Oge’ crooner

B2S Abaya Tubor

By Cletus Opukeme, Music  Editor

The Ijaw nation is not only blessed with crude oil and Gas endowment. It is also blessed with other resources and human capacity in all spheres of human development.

Roland Francis Jeff, aka .B2S,

The entertainment industry is not left out as the likes of Timaya, Harrisong, late King Robert Ebizimor, Late Echo Toikumor,  Grandmaster Pereama who was coronated Ijaw music king by  his fans, although in a controversy, Paddle of Niger Delta, Chief Barrister Smooth aka Born Singer and so on.

Beyond the eyes of the established Ijaw big musicians  and Naija R&B or hip-Up, the usual Naija trending musics, here comes to the scene like  the blues, upcoming music stars  B2S Abaya Tubor and Lizberg ,  Ijaw Tubor are  trending in the social media space like the Star boy fame of Wizkid, Olamide, Davido and other Naija top musical superstars making waves in the Ijaw music industry.

B2S Abaya Tubor

Daily Watch entertainment came across his trending video and was caught with owe and surprise of the titillating and mesmerizing  melodious cacophony of the lyrics of the young Ijaw star

Daily Watch entertainment looked for his contact and got him and put him on impromtu phone auto-recorded interview.

Enjoy the transcribed version of our conversation. Excerpt:

B2S Abaya Tubor

How may we know you?

My name is Roland Francis Jeff, aka .B2S, meaning born to shine.The singer of Tare Oge, the trending Ijaw music now. I am from Bomadi in Delta state and Ndoro Ekeremor LGA, Bayelsa- state.

B2S Abaya Tubor band

Trending Ijaw song

How did you come about your superlative trending song?

The title of my song is Tare Oge,means Love’s celebration,I came about the song when my brother who plays football in Turkey got married to is beautiful wife, and I decide to sing for them as a gift sir

How did you get your inspiration, Daily Watch entertainment asked?

B2S Abaya Tubor

As for the inspiration it came from God Almighty. He always inspired me when ever I want to sing sir.

B2S Abaya Tubor

Basically,I was in Lagos five years ago with Timaya musical band  at lekki, face one where I collaborate with Orisefemi on a track I title ‘Aya ere’…is on YouTube also,,  then, I returned back to Bayelsa and played with Alfred jking known as junior Robert for a year…. after then, I started with my band last year March, known as B2S electrifying band…
As for educational level, I hold SSCE. but I have plan to further my education.

Editor’s note: Daily Watch Entertainment has volunteered to promote Ijaw music and Awigiri dancers. Therefore, management has offered large sum of money to organize Ijaw Awigiri dancing competition in 2021 in partnership  with corporate organizations and few top Ijaw musicians  as winnerd will smile home with large cash gift as our own little way of promoting Ijaw culture. For those that are displaying their videos, please, big reward is coming your way in 2021.Thanks and stay safe, COVID-19 is real.

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