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Until thieves like Mamman, Kyari,Babachir,Saleh and others are jailed talks about fighting corruption is a scam-General Maxwell Udoh



*Is Sagay blind to the lootings everywhere in Govt?

*Why would Saleh Gambo still sitting as NJC registrar if we truly fighting corruption?


*Why Is Buhari EFCC afraid to try and Jail Babachir Lawal?

CALABAR-“In better clime when you fight corruption you start with those close to you to prove the point that no one can be exempted in the fight but in Buhari’s Corruption fight thieves are either elevated, removed and bribed to be silent or out rightly allowed to go without trial while small yahoo boys and those from the PDP etc are arrested with guns by the EFCC, Police  and others and pronounced guilty in newspapers even before been charged to court. Is that how to fight corruption? That is absolute deceit, criminality and corruption in itself. Buhari should jail thieves all around him to make us believe he is fighting corruption than this whole slogan and grandstanding that is taking us no where”.

As usual Vintage Maxwell Udoh (General) New Bakkasi Strike Force (NBSF) come hard on the anti-corruption credentials of Nigerian President  Mohammed Buhari which he described as fraud, criminal, Deceitful and absolute corruption in itself.

The erudite and blunt Militant came out on fire when asked his views by Daily Watch on the Buhari’s anti-graft war that the APC led Government keep shouting about as an achievement after three years in office.

According to the ex-militant Leader Maxwell, ‘’the Buhari Government is not at all fighting corruption but undertaking a mere circus show to fool itself and very few blind Nigerians who don’t seem to know the difference between six and half a dozen but not people like myself because if a corruption war is on ground at all then men like Lawal Babachir Ex -Secretary to the Federal Government should be in jail by now rather than at home without even facing any trial. Men like Saleh Gambo the present National Judicial Council chief Registrar who stole over two billion Naira of Nigerians wealth when he was in Supreme Court as Registrar would have been in Jail rather than Buhari stopping his case with the EFCC and making him registrar of NJC and Secretary Corruption Monitoring Group only God knows what a thief like him and who he is to monitor. Men like his chief of Staff that Collected Millions from MTN to reduce fines should be in jail than remaining chief of staff, thieves like Ex NIA Boss, DSS Boss, Baru of the NNPC, Shittu Oyo state Governor Aspirant under APC and  his Minister are all supposed to be serving several years in  Prison.



Same for ex Gov like Rotimi Amaechi, Fayemi minister for Solid Minerals etc would not be serving as Ministers for cases of grand  looting of their states hanging all over their heads”

The Militant leader described Buhari as more Corrupt than any other leader and likened the plaque award bestowed on the President by Junaid Mohammed  a Northern elder as the best and most ideal award that is fit for him if he is so blind to the many looters and lootings all around him.

Gen Maxwell described Buhari as the most corrupt leader Nigeria has ever Produced if his close families and associates who were poverty stricken before his coming to power can overnight become multi billionaires for doing next to nothing other than having a Buhari s President.

In the words of Udoh, ‘’Until men like Mamman Duara (Buhari’s Cousin and leader of the Cabal) role in government and appointment of the new unqualified NIA boss because of the 44 billion dollar the Ex Dg refused to share is investigated then Nigeria is not yet fighting Corruption. Untill how the new DSS boss Duara blows the over 23 Million Dollars left behind by the Ex DG within three months of coming in as DG DSS then we are wasting our time, until the men that collected Billions to bring back Maina and promised him Governorship ticket are exposed and put on trail then Buhari is merely deceiving himself. Until the serial killer herdsmen are arrested by the Military, Police and Dss all led by the same Fulanis that are killing Nigerians then we are not yet fighting corruption, until we are told how Subsidies of several millions are daily paid and from where  and to whom without National Assembly Appropriation as constitutionally mandated in the Nigerian constitution then corruption fighting is still a mere slogan  to  hoodwink  Nigerians’’.

To Udoh, the true scale of Buhari looting and outright stealing of our monies would be exposed to the shock of Nigerians when he finally leaves office.

‘’At times i wonder if the so called Vice President  Osibanjo  and the Delta Born Sagay are deaf and blind to the  lootings in the Government they are in or to the looting in the School feeding scam, in the lootings of PINE through the office of the Secretary to the Government that turns IDPs to beggars and the ladies harlots, the lootings in unapproved Subsidy payments, unapproved NNPC contracts and oil lifting that both are merely obsessed with the past administration yet cannot to put Jonathan on trial”



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