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Under Udu bridge in Warri: A hob of criminals reign in the night who take hard drugs


By Solomon Ebipade


Criminal elements have taken over under Udu bridge in Udu Local Government Area in Delta State.

They smoke and sell Indian hemp and other hard drugs with so much impunity under the bridge which hosts other businesses like Sawmill, abattoirs, petty fishermen and others in the Area.


The faces and dressings of some of these suspected criminals are very rugged, horrifying and terrifying.


They systematically attack anyone on sight who is new to them “under the bridge”.


Sometimes, they allegedly rob persons who come to purchase items from traders as well as dispossessed them of mobile phones, monies and other personal effects.


These suspected criminal elements are not afraid of Policemen even when they(Police) sometimes park their patrol vans under the bridge.


They’re(suspected criminals) so daring and sometimes passed in front of the Police with the Indian hemp in their hands.


Our Correspondent who visited under the Udu bridge reports that none of the suspected criminals were seen with guns but there is the belief that if the area is properly mopped up by Security Operatives, they may find arms and ammunition in the possession of some of these boys who are mainly seen during business time. At night, they concentrate more in armed robbery.


We also learnt that some persons also stay and do businesses in make-shift houses Under the Udu bridge.


They do open defecation under the bridge despite the fact that there is a toilet concentrated in the area.


The odour under the bridge is offensive. This is because of the slaughtering grounds for cows and pigs there.


The people especially traders who do business there do not manage the environment well. They live the place very dirty after every day’s business.


However, Saturday Daily Watch  report that the Udu Bridge is now a death trap for users. The bridge has caved in seriously with the rails damaged and Unless, the Delta State and Udu Local Governments do something urgent about the bridge, the access road linking several Udu Communities may collapse and many lives will be lost.


The Udu bridge which is connected to Warri rivers in Delta State, links Warri and Enerhen in Uvwie Local Government Council to Ovwian, Orhunwhorhun, Aladja, Edjophe, Egini, Ekete, Ogbe-Udu, Oghior,Okpaka,Owhrode, Opete and other Communities in Udu

The Personal Assistant on Social Media to the Udu Council Chairman, Comrade Henry Ubus in a chat with Our Correspondent said the Security Operatives should be aware of the development in the area just as he promised that the matter will be tabled and discussed during the Udu Council’s Security monthly meeting.





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