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Under Buhari’s nose: 462 billion dollars secret withdrawal from excess crude account



       *President rush letter to National assembly for inclusion in 2018 Appropriation Bill months after secretly collecting money

President Muhammadu Buhari

ABUJA-  Days ago Daily Watch raised an alarm of the several secret withdrawals of huge cash from the Federations account and the Excess crude account by the Presidency without the knowledge or approval of the National Assembly and in that same report exposed the withdrawal of over some billions of Dollar as for some kind of aircraft procurement.

Just days after the Report the Presidency has rushed to the National Assembly seeking to include an already expanded 462 billion Dollar on the long submitted Budget with the National Assembly.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the rush last week by the Presidency to put up a letter to the National assembly is to create a semblance of constitutionality to an unconstitutional action which the National Assembly planned probing in the days ahead.

The rush by the President with a supposed letter to include the illegal withdrawal in the 2018 budget over eight months after the budget has been submitted and several weeks after the 462 billion dollars has been secretly withdrawn and paid to some foreign accounts is to beat the probe of the senate which would have created creditability problem for a Presidency that claims to be fighting corruption and one that every day gives an impression of due process and zero opposition to corrupt practices.

The President letter which hit the National Assembly on the 17th of April but dated 13th of April despite initial denial by the President team of many Media men and ladies about a lie to the Withdrawal story only a letter to the senate now confirming the whole withdrawal story and placing the media team as mere liars.

Daily Watch attempts to speak to several National Assembly members on how they would handle the said letter after the money has been taken and utilized before hurriedly seeking for inclusion in the 2018 appropriation bill was not possible as all Senators put up a plea of not seeing any letter to that effect until it is read to them by the respective head in the National Assembly

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