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Uncovered: Presidency Strikes fresh Deal with Maina again



*Keeps sealed lips on who ordered Maina’s  recall.

The Presidency seem clever by half if its recent re-renegotiation to
Maina over the issue of Maina gate is anything to go by.

Daily Watch investigations here in Abuja has confirmed re-negotiation between a three man team from the President with the
family of Pension thief Maina over the need for the family to not only
stop their expose on the Presidency involvement in the Maina gate deal
but to keep mute on the issue as the Presidency is planning to give
Maina a soft landing.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the Presidency is in
discussion with the Pension  thief while giving the impression to
Nigerians that he is on the run and hiding whereas a team from the
Federal Government was said to have met with the Pension Thief some
days ago where Maina was asked to surrounded himself to the EFCC with
a guarantee to help him out of the web so far he is ready to turn the
table against  the last administration but bringing out a list of all
beneficiaries of the Pension fund looted.

The thinking of the Government is Nigerians would be taking aback by
the names of those who Maina is set to release and let go the demand
for how Maina was reinstated and promoted to an acting Director while
on the wanted list.

The game plan of the Presidency is to twist the whole Maina brouhaha
which is how he got back and by whose authority he got reinstated to
those involved in the looting of the Police pension Fun d.

Already, the stage is been set for the new plot of the presidency with
the story days ago by the EFCC that it has traced several millions of
dollars looted pension fund to the United Kingdom, what the EFCC
failed to explain is why it took over so many years and the brouhaha
over Maina reinstatement for it to now begin to see Maina looting that
has taken place several years ago?

As it is the Maina gate focus is been changed by the Presidency to
look like the whole story is about the loot rather than how Maina came
back to the Civil Service which was also clearly known to the
President and several Ministers as Maina was personally taken to the
President and assured of APC governorship Ticket before his
reinstatement and Promotion before the outburst that led to his sack
by the President who authorized his reinstatement in the first place.

In the days ahead what would hit the news wave is the names of
prominent PDP leaders and several millions looted and those that Maina
gave monies to  thereby pushing the secrets of how Maina was brought
back by some groups after collecting well over 2 billion naira or more
and wth a promise to give him APC governorship ticket to the back

According to our Investigations, Maina n the days ahead may surrounded
himself according to  the script of the Presidency and used as witness
for the trial of others in a new plea bargain methodology and allow
the story of how Maina got back to service and those behind it to die

Daily watch reach out to one of the maternal uncle of Maina Mohammed
who confirmed that Maina has asked the family  to keep silent as he is
almost reaching an agreement with the federal government to let him
off the hook.




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