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Uncovered: Presidency halts comprehensive investigation into Babachir massive loot


*Ask EFCC not to investigate the grass related loot

*Several other billions of naira contracts on PINE involving
Babachir Lawal /Presidency officials aborted

ABUJA-Nigerians heave a sigh  when news first hit the airwaves that grass
cutting Ex SG has not only been sacked but a cracked EFCC team set up
to probe the well-known PINE thief but the recent revelations from the
seat of power would really shock Nigerians.


Daily Watch comprehensive investigations in the affairs of the Grass
cutting Suspect for which a crack team was set up seem to have ended
just when the investigations started as the so called crack team is
presently sitting fallow doing nothing other than going through the
small files on grass contract as against the several other multi
billion naira contract deals said to have been involved in by the
ex-secretary in collaboration with many top shots in the presidency.

The decision of the EFCC  crack team to stop investigating other
loots traced to the ex-secretary to the Federation is said to have
been reached after   a letter was said to have been issued to the EFCC
from the office of the chief of Staff to the Presidency asking the
EFCC to narrow down all investigations on Lawal Babachir to the grass
cutting deals that the public is aware of alone and ceased all
investigations into other monumental loots said to have also been
traced to the ex-secretary of the Federation  running into several
billions of naira under the Presidential Initiative on the North East(PINE).

The decision and letter to stop further investigations into the PINE
deals is said to have been done with the intent to cover up for to
officials in the Presidency who are said to have also in conjunction
with Lawal Babachir soiled their hands in several other contracts
which are said to be worse than the 220 million naira Grass cutting
contracts for which Babachir was sacked for.

Daily Watch
investigations confirmed that there were contracts running
into several millions of naira for purchase of stationery, buying
cars, laundries and several unrelated things like the cutting of
grasses for which serious expose would have shaken the seat of power
in Abuja to its foundations and brought shocking odium to many in the

Already the EFCC crack team is said to have dropped further
investigations and plans to send invitation to many of those involved as
there are said to have been just looking at only the grass cutting
deals and even in this stories in the office of the EFCC confirm
anonymously that  the powers that be has reached out to the EFCC to
make the case and its prosecution so watery that the Ex-Secretary
would get out easily as a compromised position for him to remain mute
to all he knows about the loots in the affairs of PINE for which he
was granted the Privilege of picking his Cousin as his successor in a
serious trade-offs to hide the state of lootings that PINE in the
North East has become .

All Attempts by Daily Watch to get the EFCC spokesman to say why the
EFCC seem to narrow down their investigations just to the grass
cutting deals and not yet seal off any of the so called Properties of
the EX Secretary to the government of the Federation as the case with
the  other related corruption cases the EFCC pursues was not possible
as the EFCC spokesman Henry Uwujeren was not available to clear the


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