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Uncovered: Massive Looting in Buhari’s PINE



*National Assembly members keep mute

ABUJA-The  uproar over Ibe Kachuku revelations and petition about the
monumental fraud and contracts that is ongoing in the NNPC would be a
Childs play if ten percent of what is going on presently in the
Presidential Initiative on North East (PINE}  is exposed or made
known to Nigerians.

The Presidential Initiative on the North East(PINE)which was and still
is one of the most  laudable program of the Buhari led administration
to create leverage infrastructure wise for the Internally Displaced
People (IDP) in the North East  to enable them return home and also
rebuild the North East seem to be the major sources of free money ,
blatant and monumental looting among the top echelon of  those in the


PINE which is to many a laudable idea is today enmeshed in all kinds
of contracts never envisaged in the setting up of the presidential
Initiative in the first place but speedily becoming a world class
drain pipe and a quick source of easy cash for those in the top level
of government.

Daily Watch investigations in Abuja Confirmed that the PINE is now the
new conduit pipe  and cash cow for  those in Power as eighty percent of
the contracts awarded in PINE did not only failed to follow due
process but frivolous contracts like supply of tissues, stationery and
many other phony contracts from which millions and billions of naira
and dollars is being carted away on a weekly basis by family, friends,
Associates of those in power such that the whole idea of PINE has
totally been defeated.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that very few  solid  or tangible
infrastructures have been established by  the so called PINE and when
the few are placed side by side the  billions expanded in them
Nigerians would weep just as several of the contracts awarded are
never executed and others yet given out to friends ,children and
cronies in the villa to supply things that would make Nigeria laugh
and yet running into several billions and most times paid up front
with not a single due process entered into before such over inflated
and mot time phony contracts are given just to give money to those in
the top .

A case in point is a contract of several billions to help grade feeder
roads in several villages awarded to the son of the big masquerade in
the Villa but till date nothing has been done yet money had been paid
in Abuja and contract entered as executed and such is replicated in
several other contracts given to friends and families of those in the

Daily Watch
can Authoritatively confirmed that ninety percent of the
contracts in PINE are not executed and given to friends, relations,
children and families of the people in the Villa and very few top APC
leaders .

It would be recalled that the Former Secretary to the Government
Babachir Lawal was Suspended from office over Grass cutting contracts
awarded to companies for which he has several interest in and  for
which the jobs were not done as PINE is basically under   the office
of the Secretary to the Government as such little or no attention is
paid to the operations of the accounts of this subtle drain pipe.

While Babachir suspension had remained what it is despite the lootings
that took place under his watch as apart from the Grass deals other
multibillion contracts not executed can also be traced to the Ex
secretary to the Government for which billons was paid out  and
several more phony contracts  can be also traced to the Ex secretary
also are several ghost contracts running into billions of Naira
awarded to family and friends of those in authority hence the
difficulty in handing over the ex-Secretary to the anti-graft body as
probing the Ex secretary means exposing the rot  and cash cow that the
PINE has become to many in the top  level of power in Nigeria.

If Babachir Era was looting  then what is ongoing after the suspension
of Babachir would be classified as bare faced gluttony and just money
carting in PINE with the carting of billions upon billions for little
or no job done,

Shocking  is the Senate and House of Representative that should be in
the Position to monitor the PINE contracts and lootings but seem to be
looking the other way in what many now term as a compromise or a well
oil corruption rig where everyone seem to be benefitting so no one can
then raise an eyebrow.

Attempts to speak to the Senate President, some members of the
National Assembly and the acting Secretary to the Federal Government
on these issues of total looting and bazaar that the PINE funds has
become was not possible as no one was willing to open up or speak on
the issue as the word is mum every place the name PINE is mentioned
shockingly, creating a credence of some kind of conspiracy in the PINE
running and looting galore that is going on inside the seat of power


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