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Tuggar moves to sack Appeal Court President’s husband from Senate

Usman Abubaker Tugar

*As Presidency reneges on agreement that led to name substitution.

The Battle to sack the husband of the President of the Court of Appeal  from the Senate has moved to the  Court of Appeal following the technical knockout of same case in the high using the issue of time frame to give judgment in the high court.

The case which is a Pre-Election matter was taken to court y the winner of the APC Primary for Bauchi North senatorial Usman Abubaker Tugar who came first in the well publicized APC Primaries in Bauchi but has his nae substituted with that of the husband of the Court of Appeal in a secret deal between the husband f the Court of Appeal  Adamu Mohammed Bulkachuwa, the APC and the Presidency for some  favours that the APC wishes to get using the President of the Court of Appeal in several  electoral petitions that would pass through the Court of Appeal.

Daily watch findings confirmed that the whole deal went well with Tuggar getting the promise of a Ministerial nomination and some Hugh financial reward to accept the change of his name with that of the husband of the Appeal Court judge who came third in the Primaries for the Bauchi North Senatorial seat.

But the whole burble got busted when Tuggar realized he had been conned as the financial windfall never came as at the promised time prompting him to rush t the court after the APC  appeal panel dumped his protest like a pack of rotten potatoes and the high court dumped the case on the technical excuse of been filed after the 14 days duration of the said Primaries.

Day watch findings had it that the whole game was just a deceit sod to Tuggar to get the Appeal court President husband to the Senate having failed the Primaries and Tuggar was the pawn used in doing that hence his massive resolve to get back at the Presidency and the husband of the Court of Appeal Adamu Bulkachuwa using the same court of Appeal in which the wife seats as the President.

The plot of Tuggar is to argue before the Appeal Court that he never filed his case late because the APC constitution asked that all cases must first go through the APC Appeal body constituted to look into all appeals from the Primaries before going to the courts which he did so his 14 days would have been from after the verdict of the APC Appeal rather than after the Primaries since the APC appeal is still part of the Primary Process of the APC hence his move to the Appeal court to seek redress.

Daily watch findings confirmed that the case has already been assigned to a judge and book for hearing in the few Weeks ahead and what Nigerians are asking is if Tuggar would get his desired justice in an Appeal Court headed by the wife Zainab Bulkachuwa of the same man he is fighting to oust from the Senatorial seat or would the Judges be bold enough to damn the consequences and decide the case against the husband of their boss.

Daily Watch frantic effort to reach out to the husband of Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa Adamu Bulkachuwa over the case against him and the betrayal of Usman Tuggar was not possible as at press time.



Daily Watch repeated call at the Court of Appeal to know why it is taking this log to appoint a new Justice from the log of Appeal court Justices to take over her seat in the Presidential tribunal knowing not just how sensitive the case is and the fact that it has a fixed duration was not possible as everyone kept sealed lips awaiting whatever day, weeks or even months the President of the court of Appeal would do the needful.

Daily Watch reached out to the Atiku Media team who confirmed the same fears over the unnecessary delay of the President of the Court of appeal to appoint a new Justice to allow the petition commenced in full weeks after she stepped aside from the same tribunal in a very controversial manner.






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