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Trouble imminent as Buhari sets the stage for Shia (Shiites) vs Sunni battle in Nigeria

President Muhammadu Buhari and the Shiites demonstrators

By Lucky Ojigbo & Ahmed Ahmadu, Abuja

The Shia like the Sunni are both brands of Islam, while the Shia (Shiites) which is called Shiites in Nigeria are basically a group that actually owe is home to Iranian Republic and has been in practice for over 1000 years ,the Sunni’s holds their origin and allegiance to the Saudi Arabia but with the two groups not in actual agreements with each other ideologically and in some aspects of teachings.

Daily watch findings has it that the shia (Shiite) which we all know as Shiites in Nigeria have their type of Islamic practices in almost all Muslim countries in the world, but in Turkey, Iran and Iraq it is  almost like a state religion just as Saudi Arabia and other Surrounding countries  around it practice the Sunni brands as their own kind of state religion.

Daily Watch finding confirmed that both Shia and Sunni though two different ideological Islamic groups have followers  in several countries of the world  and are in serious unspoken  battle and war over supremacy and ideological differences but this has never happened in Nigeria as both sects practiced their ideological brands independently until the coming of Buhari ,a fanatical  Sunni Muslim into the Presidency of Nigeria which has now seen a deliberate pursuit of a  state induced persecuting process against the Shia (Shiites).

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the Buhari’s administration attack on the shia (Shiites) is not a coincidence but a deliberate plot that was hatched prior to the 2015 elections that saw the Buhari APC party as it was known then getting several billions in form of grants and sponsorship with the agreement to help curb the growth of the Iranian backed Shia  (Shiites) Islamic religion in Nigeria.

Daily Watch Findings in the top echelon of the Nigerian Military confirmed that the whole Military Clash and massive killings, arrest  of the Shiite leader and his wife, his detention, refusal to accede medical treatment and to several court orders for the release of the leader of the Shia (Shiites) group in Nigeria Ibrahim El-Zazaky are simply powerful motives to force the Shia (Shiites) group into protest and violence (to which they have already been accused of) so as to afford the Buhari administration the alibi and onus to  finally nail the shia (Shiite)  group once and for all as is presently happening by virtue of the recent tag as a terrorist group thereby helping the Sunni led group to take over fully in Nigeria to the detriment of the fast growing Iranian led Shia (Shiite).

To Several Nigerian who don’t know, the tacit silence of several Muslims leaders, associations and groups in the country over clampdown of the Shia (Shiites) is for the simple fact that Majority of them are of the Sunni school of Islam and as such secretly happy with the persecution of the Shia (Shiites) whom they fear are on a fast road growth wise in Nigeria.

Daily Watch findings and investigations within and around the Shia (Shiites) groups in Nigeria  simply confirmed the belief that they are been treated the way they are because a Sunni is in power and secretly working on a laid out script to deal with the Iranian  Shia (Shiites) group in Nigeria and this seemed to be creating a new form of angst that if not checked or curbed quickly by the Buhari Sunni led Administration would sooner than expected plunged the Nation,  Nigeria into one hell of a crisis that is ongoing between the Sunnis and the Shia(Shiites) in  several other  countries in the Middle east were both groups are domiciled but fighting a terrible war  that may if care not taken soon commence in Nigeria  as their proscription by the Federal Government would rather than stop the Group  would rather  create and invite a multi facets crises that can easily be avoided into Nigeria.

Ibraheem El-Zazaky

Daily watch investigations confirmed that already, the health status of the head and spiritual leader of the Shiites is at the lowest ebb with intermittent collapse and resuscitation in the detention centre of the DSS who had be authorized not to release the Shiite leader Ibraheem El-Zazaky  no matter what by President Mohammadu Buhari for no other reason than playing the cards of the Saudi  Arabia to whom he gave his vow prior to the 2015 elections that brought him to power.

Already, the Iranian government has called on the Nigerian government for the release of El-Zazaky to them for Medical treatment just at a time the Lawyer to the Shiite leader Femi Falana has openly confirmed Daily Watch past reports on El-Zazaky health conditions and the fears of Nigerians that the leader of the Islamic group is now just not almost blind but is in serious health problem from lead poisoning as a result of bullets lodged in his body since the attack of the Shiites procession by the Nigerian military several years back which, if not addressed medically and quickly  too may likely result in death of the leader of the Shiites, which would certainly escalate the whole Shiites protest and most likely push them underground and going armed just as the Boko Haram  state Killing of Yusuf created the Boko Haram monster  and scourge Nigeria is still grappling with till this minute.

Daily Watch attempts to speak to the President spokes person or security head via the DSS spokes person on the impending crisis the administration is creating with the continual detention of the Shiites leader and the terrorist tag on the Shiites in Nigeria with over 4 to 6 million followership was not responded to by the Spokes person of the DSS  Peter Affunanya in spite of to text messages to his line.


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