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Travel writers are best online marketers –  Kiyaramo

Comrade Piriye Kiyaramo

By Amgbare Ekaunkumor, Yenagoa

Coordinator of the South South Travel Writers’ Corps, a travel journalists’ beat association operating in South South region, Comrade Piriye Kiyaramo says when it comes to online money making careers, travel writers are always considered as one of the best online marketers, informing that: “Not only can you get to enjoy your work while seeing new places, you also receive monetary compensation at the same time”.

Comrade Kiyaramo who also is the publisher of the Blue Economy Newsmagazine online Abuja, however warned that: “It may seem like a work-for-pleasure type of job, it also has its disadvantages that should be considered by those who are planning on becoming travel writers. It’s not all pleasure, but the job also entails dangers when travelling, aside from what the writing job requires.

“A travel writer goes from place to place and writes articles regarding his or her experiences (mostly good feedbacks) to promote a either a destination, travel agency or any travel/resort-related company. Basically, this is the type of job most of us would covet due to the fact that you get to experience new things, meet new people, and try things that are not available on your place. In return, you get to fill your website or other people’s sites with valuable and informative data that should keep visitors and loyal followers glued”, he said.

Comrade Kiyaramo who was speaking during a meeting of Rivers state travel journalists, recently in Port Harcourt, the state capital town, told members of the state chapter of travel writers’ corps that before considering to join the bandwagon of travel writers, they should take time to read some of the advantages and disadvantages of becoming travel journalists.

“It gives me great pleasure to be part of your meeting today. Travel journalism has to do with tourism advertising and promotion through well planned activities designed to increase tourism traffic in a particular destination, including, but not limited to advertising, publicizing, or otherwise, disseminating tourism information for the purpose of attracting and welcoming tourists.

“Travel writing also involves facilitating and developing media strategies to expand tourism in collaboration with tourism promotion agencies and organisations responsible for marketing of special events such as local festivals, designed to attract tourists.

“Basically, travel writing gives you an opportunity to see new places at the expense of others. What could be more fun than visiting unexplored areas all around the world? The most exciting thing about being a travel writer is that you get to enjoy your job while you are at it.

“As a travel journalist, you will get to tell many different stories from your journeys to other places. In addition, you can add enthusiasm to every article you write with every experience you get from each travel. You can make good income in return for your effort if your career becomes successful as a travel writer.

“However, sometimes it could be so exhausting, traveling to different parts of the world. Going on and off airplanes, buses, and cars can be very stressful in the end.

“Note that no matter how good you are in writing travel and leisure articles, if the market demand is not huge, you don’t get to command good price. However, in case there is a demand for such writers and articles, you will find yourself with good earnings.

“There are several risks when it comes to visiting and staying at new places. The fact that you are not familiar with the place and with the people in your new destinations, could pose a risk to anyone who wishes to become a travel writer”, he noted.

He pointed out that: “Financial risks could come if you are not good in marketing. You might get a higher chance of losing your investment, therefore you make sure that every investment is carefully planned. This applies if you are the one shouldering your travel expenses”.

Comrade Kiyaramo reiterated that: “The outcome and success of your career will depend on various factors aside from the articles that you provide on your website or on other people’s blogsite. Take time to think of ways on how you can improve and get your audience’s involvement so that you can get positive feedbacks and benefits in return”.

He said as a travel journalist, you must make out time to read about places and personalities to be able to have the perspective of such places particularly the culture of the people in the destination, adding that “You should have interest in travelling for sightseeing and taking photographs during your travels”.

“I wish the new executive a fantastic tenure as you come on board as executive committee members of the Rivers State Travel Writers’ Corps”, he admonished.

Chairman of Rivers State Travel Writers’ Corps and broadcast journalist, Chris Imbufe thanked the South South Regional Coordinator of the Corps for finding time to encourage them in Rivers State through a virtual meeting.

He said so many activities have been earmarked for next year as the period is now close to Christmas festivities, informing that a formal inauguration of the chapter has been slated for early next year.




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