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Tinubu smiles as he gets APC back as first recommendation sails through

Bola Tinubu


       *Kogi, Kano, Kaduna others panic as NWC to go

       *Care taker committee on the card as affected Govs lobbies and warn Buhari of secret plots



LAGOS-The Jagaban  of Nigerian Politics, godfather of South west APC and strong man of Nigerian Politics Chief Bola Tinubu seem to be getting much more successful in his new task of getting the APC reposition for the much talked about 2019 elections if acceptance and  the results of his first recommendation put forward by the Jagaban.

Daily watch investigations around the APC national headquarters and seat of power in Abuja confirmed that one of the recommendations in the Preliminary report of the Lagos state politician that the National Working Committee of the APC and its chairman be removed to create a conducive ambience for  the much talked about reconciliation of the APC is said to have been accepted by the cabal and the Presidency as an announcement and a care taker committee would soon be put in place to steer the Party to its National Convention slated for June.

The Acceptance to do away with the NWC and setting up of a  Care Taker committee to run the Party followed the recommendation that the Odigie Oyegun led executive has  not only lost the confidence of  some strategic members of the Party but seen as totally biased in the administration of the Party affairs.

The Tinubu report which buttressed its point with the hurried acceptance of new Party executive in some states  by the Odigie Oyegun led Executive when there exist an elected executive on ground in states like Kogi,Adamawa, Kano,Kadune etc by the Odigie Oyegun led Executive was a misnomer and an attempt to help intensify the whole crisis rather than abate in more so in the period just when a recocciliation committee is at work.

Daily Watch   investigations confirmed that the Executive Govetnors of some states are said not to be too pleased with the Tinubu decision which would leave them out of control of their state Party executive and by so put them in a serious disadvantage.

Most of Governors in this class like in Kaduna state, kogi state. Kano state and others who are said to have spent several Millions to bribe and then  create  parallel parry strutures with the intent of using a pliable Oyegun to back them are said to be presently aggrieved with the Tinubu antidote for reconciliation and her already said to be not just kicking but taking their case to the President with the intent of stalling if not totally stopping the removal of Odigie Oyegun since the Removal of the chairman would also mean a revert to the genuine state Party structure in place before their parallel structures got created.

Daily watch investigation confirm that the Cabal and Presidency are said to be in total confusion as toeing the line of Tinubu means working against ardent loyalist like the Kogi Governor,the Kaduna Governors and others while not toeing the Tinubu formula would mean pushing Bola Tinubu in to reconsidering his acceptance to head the reconciliation team..

For now the whole scenario seem dicey as no one can say with exactitude what the cabal/presidency decisions would be.

Would the President and his cabal  dissolved the Odigie Oyegun led APC as promised and laid out in the first sets of recommendations or   would they reneged and go with Governors who are ardent supporters of the president and has cautioned him against the antics of Tinubu to taking over the Party for his own selfish agenda?

This all would come to light in the days ahead when the President is supposed to address the first sets of Tinubu’s recommendations.


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