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Tinubu, Oshiomole plot massive takeover of APC ahead of  2023

Bola Tinubu and Adams Oshiomhole


*The Ahmed Lawan/Gbajabiamila connection

By Lucky Ojigbo, General Editor

The plot by the self acclaimed APC leader and Jagaban of Lagos politics Bola Tinubu to go for the country presidency in spite of massive sub plots and super plots by several persons in the presidency to create the spoiler role is gaining momentum if the force with which Bola Tinubu and Oshiomole combined are  scripting it is anything to speak about.

Daily Watch Sources in Abuja confirmed that Oshiomole and Tinubu have not reached a very concrete and firm agreement to work out and retain the total control of the APC and also wrest the total control of the Party from the President and the Cabal in the villa while simply leaving the administration day to day affairs to the cabal without intrusion.

Daily Watch Sources has it that the plot would make their 2023 plot of taking over seamless as both would be seen as simply working for the party glory and not interfering in governance.

Their recent swerve but adroit skill in positioning their two major agents in the 2023 game plot in the persons of Ahmed  Lawan and Femi Gbajabiamilia  as Senate President and speaker of the House  as choice of the Party is one unique move of the duo to concretize their hold on the party for their 2023 dream project since taking over the National Assembly coupled with the control of over eighty percent of the governors of the APC who were personally backed by the duo to stand as the APC Candidate would help  cement their dream and hold on the Party.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that apart from governor El-Rufai of Kaduna, Akeredolu of Ondo (whom the duo are planning to stage a massive impeachment drive against in the coming months or years) almost all other APC governors are presently in the book of the duo and are yes men to Oshiomole and Bola Tinubu hence their zeal in the conscription and forced picking of candidates of their choices in the APC rancorous Primary then.

Daily watch findings confirms that  with the overwhelming governors in their kitty and getting the control of the National Assembly, the duo are good to go in their 2023 plot and would easily be in a firm footing to crush and tame any opposition within using the big Dog in the House Adams Oshiomole in the name of Party supremacy to deal decisively with any opposing views just as they are doing and speaking in their plot to force the duo of Gbajabiamilia and Lawan on  the APC National Assembly and even dropping threats stylishly  and at the same time using governors under their wings to press for their choice candidates easy sail.

Daily watch sources has it that presently the APC and its structures are in the hands of the duo who were secretly taking over and leaving others like the Cabal, Aisha, El-Rufai etc to fight for control of the Buhari administration and by so have no opposition to their pursuit of taking totally he APC and its structures.

Presetly most of the governorship battle in tribunal are partly bankrolled by the self acclaimed leader of the Party Bola Tinubu with the legal team picked by him just as the leg work with the judges (like in Osun were he influenced the head of the appeal Tribunal judge using the same link he and Oshiomole have with the husband to the President of the appeal court who lost his senatorial pursuit but got it in a platter of gold by virtue of a trade by batter agreement with the Appeal Court President husband) are also done by him thereby placing the governors not only firmly under his control but totally loyal to him.

While several APC members who are seeing the larger pictures of the Oshiomole and Tinubu plot are  daring them by coming out forcefully to stop them from getting the National Assembly under their grip the duo are  seriously using all arsenal at their disposal to crush all opposition to their plot/dream but for the PDP Caucus and the one man riot squad of Bukola Saraki their game plan in the National Assembly would have by now been sealed awaiting delivery come June when the 9th National  Assembly would  be inaugurated.

Daily Watch frantic attempts to speak with some top APC leaders and governor Akeredolu on his recent crisis with Oshiomole and Bola Tinubu vis a vis his refusal to bow to their 2023 plot and his so called suspension and plot to stage an impeachment was not possible as at press time.






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