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Third Mainland Bridge reopened

Third Mianland bridge, Lagos


Third Mainland Bridge reopens today at exactly 5.00 p.m.

Lagos State Government announced the re-opening of the bridge on Sunday.


According to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transportation, Dr. Taiwo Salaam, the announcement followed the completion of the test on it by engineers.

The bridge was shut down on Thursday to enable engineers carry out Investigative Maintenance Test.

The government expressed appreciation for the co-operation of motorists and residents of the state while the closure lasted.

Terrorism: Lawyers group threatens to sue Idris Ahmed, CUPS over attack on military


The Coalition of Lawyers Against Terrorism is to drag one  Idrsi Ahmed of the Coalition for Peace and Security (CUPS) to court over alleged negative campaigns against the Nigerian military.

The coalition said the campaign embarked upon by Ahmed in the new media had been detrimental to the image of the military.

According to the lawyers, Ahmed and members of his group had been very active on the social media casting aspersion on the efforts of the military to stop terrorism.

The message of the group is contained in a statement issued by Adedotun Akintola-Idowu and Moses Toro who are chairman and secretary of the coalition respectively.

The group which issued the statement after its meeting in Abeokuta, Ogun State, expressed satisfaction over the actions of the military in the battle against insurgency.

Said the group:  “The coalition was reliably updated that one Dr. Idris Ahmed is at the forefront of the propaganda support for terrorists on the internet through the publication of malicious contents that were found to be false, unsubstantiated and with intent to damage the reputation and standing of the military institution in the estimation  of right thinking Nigerians.

“Dr.  Idris Ahmed carries out these activities under the aegis of Coalition for Peace and Security (CUPS) and on the sponsorship of some terrorists nation such as Iran and groups like the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, opposition political parties etc.

“The malicious contents have been tracked on Facebook, Twitter, NewsRescue website and other online platforms. These platforms have been deployed for propagating lies and falsehood that have hurt the interests of Nigeria and Nigerians.

“The coalition, upon careful review, further concluded that the activities of the said Idris and others using Facebook, Twitter, NewsRescue and other sites have caused damage to the military’s war on insurgents and undermined our country’s national security plans for her citizenry. It is of interest to note that more progress would have been made in completely freeing Nigeria from the clutches of terrorists had such calculated malicious communication not been undertaken by these offenders.

“It was noted that the Federal Government and the military have been restrained in their response to the provocations of the identified individuals even in the face of the risk they pose to the country.

“The meeting concluded that contrary to popular insinuations that the military is at war with Boko Haram, it is Nigeria including all men of goodwill that are at war with Boko Haram and not the military alone.

“Any attack on the military is therefore a fight for all Nigerians to fight to the finish and not to be left to the military alone. It is on this note that the Coalition of Lawyers Against Terrorism resolved to take decisive actions to protect the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians only.”

The coalition spoke about its move to sue Idris and his organisation over the campaign against the military.

The lawyers stated:   “The coalition resolved to explore legal option to compel Facebook, Twitter, NewsRescue and others to stop making themselves available for use as channels for promoting terrorists’ propaganda.

“The Coalition urges the three arms of the federal government to play their part in dealing with the proliferation of terrorists’ activities online in view of the dangers posed to the country.

“The Coalition resolved to approach a court of competent jurisdiction to make Idris available for criminal trial in the country over his direct and indirect involvement with terrorists in the country and for the purpose of undermining Nigeria’s national security interest for pecuniary interests.

“This is to test the laws of our country like the United States of America if our anti-terrorism legislation is enough to provide the needed safety for our citizens including members of the armed forces.”




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