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Things Fall Apart: Buhari fires warning Shots at Bola Tinubu


*Sets up team to investigates all businesses

*Seals Radio station, goes for Oando oils

LAGOS-Just like in the case of Atiku Abubakar who has become something of an endangered specie in APC so is the fate of the Strong man of South
West Politician Asiwaju Bola Tinubu who today has come under the wicked
Onslaught of the APC power base in the Villa.

Tinubu who your Daily Watch reports several weeks back to have had
some meetings with emissaries of the former Vice President Atiku
Abubarka over the need to forge a common front for 2019 Presidential
polls seem to have incurred the wrath of the Powers that be in Abuja
over reported romance with Atiku and suspected non-allegiance to
the Cabal.


To put Bola Tinubu on notice, the Buhari government through the
National Broadcasting corporation days ago shut down one of Bola
Tinubu Businesses, the  Radio Continental for some strange and spurious
reasons with plans to hit at his Television station just  as other
Companies for which the South West Leader and ex-Governor of Lagos
state has interest on like ONDO oil company coming under serious
investigations by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Daily Watch gathered that  Oando  oil  Company which is co-owned with  the business mogul of Wale Tinubu a cousin to the ex-Lagos governor  who was among the sponsors of the All Progressive Congress (APC) by  making his Private jet and  Choppers available during the 2015 general
Elections that brought Mohammadu Buhari to power is now facing the
serious onslaught from the same government that  they helped to Power
over suspicion that Bola Tinubu is not in the same page with the
cabals holding on to power in the seat of the Villa.

Another reason is the on-going restructuring of Nigeria which the Lagos born politician has held a separate opinion from the cabals in Abuja. The cabals on these spurious reasons see Bola Tinubu as big enemy and want every means to tighten him, especially by crippling his business empire.

Already, several Business concerns and tax consultancy deals of the
Strong man of Lagos Politics with many South West Governors are said
to be under serious investigations by the Buhari government with a
view to either beating TInubu back to line and totally humiliate and
destroy all his business where he fails to tow the lines as dictated
by the powers that be at the villa.

While Tinubu has remained firmly calm in spite of the series of
harassment on his business and family concerns his followers are said to
be giving out signals that they too are unhappy with the series of
subtle humiliations and threats against their political father as most
of the APC top South West leaders days ago were said to have boycotted
meetings with the chairman of the APC for reasons no one has come out
openly to speak on but which Daily Watch can confirm has to do with
the Politics of taking over the South West and destroying the hold of
Bola Tinubu on the people.

Attempts to reach the press team of the Strong man of Lagos state
politics Jagaban Chief Bola Tinubu was not feasible as at when we hit
the news stand.


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