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The great hijab brouhaha: Is it much more than meets the eyes?

File Photo: School girls in hajib


*As reports of plots to institutionalize it gains momentum

By  Lucky Ojigbo,Abuja

Recently there is an upsurge on the issue of the use of Hijab all over the Country mostly as it concerns Federal Government owned Institutions and offices general and other times in particular

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the Hijab brouhaha which is now taking an image of its on with several court cases and even more cases of protest over the use all around the country is not a mere happenstance but a solid agenda of some powers that be to institutionalize the use of Hijab as a dressing code for Muslims even in secular institutions with specific Dress code and Uniforms in the Country.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that the moves for the Hijab game plot was made several years back among several Islamic scholars who are of the views that having a Shania court and Shania institutions also warrants certain level of obedience even in government ministries and schools the Islamic apparel to differentiate the infidel from the believers and it was this secret meet that has catapulted itself into one big issue that is now taking a life of its own all over the country with the recent been in JUTH.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the Hijab movement is now serious pursued with vigor and very soon it would be mandatory for every federal institution, Legal bodies, Law School etc to accept the Hijab as a dress code for all Muslims as no one should be victimized for adding the Hijab to any fixed dressing in any institution in Nigeria.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that the highest Islamic body in Nigeria has accepted it and secretly pushing for its acceptance hence the new uproar and insistence among several Muslim faithful in several government institutions testing the waters before the mass movement for it towards perfecting in.

Daily Watch attempts to speak to the Sultan of Sokoto, Emir of Kano and some other top traditional Islamic institution in Nigerian on the Hijab crisis that is now taking a new dimension in the country amidst rumour of a secret agenda was not possible as none was willing to comment as at press time





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