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The end to killings by herdsmen in Nigeria may be a tall dream

FILE PHOTO: Boko Haram fighters


          *Our administration cannot stop herdsmen movement and their cow-Minister of Interior

*Learn to treasure Life of Nigerians above Cows-Samuel Ortom.


The reductions in the killings and genocidal attack by herdsmen may certainly not end in the nearest future if President Buhari succeeded in his 2nd term pursuit going by the words of the Present administration Minister for Interior Abdurrahman Dambazzau.

The Interior Minister who told a bewildered Nation few days ago openly confessed that the Killings and movement of cattle by herdsmen cannot be stopped in the 21st Centaury simply because of the ECOWAs protocols for which Nigeria is a signatory as such the herdsmen and their cattle are totally free to move around through our borders and inside the country as doing otherwise would be against the Ecowas protocols.

According to the Minister “We cannot stop the herdsmen movement within and out of the Country as it is against all known ECOWAS protocols on free movement as doing so would ultimately be breaking the laws of ECOWAS for which Nigeria remains a Signatory to”

The  outburst of the Interior Minister a retired Lt General of the Nigerian Military  didn’t go on well with several  Nigerians one of who is the executive governor of Benue State, His Excellency Samuel Ortom whose people has borne the highest the evil macabre slaughter and killings by the so called Fulani herdsmen to whom the Minister seemed to have accepted their movement as fait accompli.

Ortom who never  fail to thread were it concerns the Life of the Benue people did not waste time in warning the Minister of Interior to actually re -read the so called  Ecowas protocols he cited again as it never said free movement of cattle but  human coupled with the fact that ECOWAS treaty is within countries and not free movement inside a country  with intent to kill and destroy within any  country, he therefore admonished the Buhari administration and the Minister for Interior to treasure human life rather than  of Cows as the administration is seen to be pro occupied doing today with his several defense on why the killer herdsmen must be allowed to roam with their Cows in the 21st Century despite a subsisting law, the State anti Grazing Laws banning such roaming of cows and other Animals within certain Benue State.

In the words of Samuel Ortom ,”Ecowas protocol of Free movement does apply to human  alone and not cows and animals coupled with the facts that the free movement does not mean using such movement to the detriment of another human more so when there exist subsisting laws banning such movement and roaming of cattle and other animals within some areas except with the use of vehicles from one location to another as applicable in most countries and as Universally practiced in all civilized societies. The Minister and President Buhari must and should try to value human life far above the lives of Cows as it is presently been seen in action under this administration”



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