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The Cabal, the weakling in the Villa, some Northern leaders are stretching their luck too far- Gen Maxwell 

Aso Rock cabal


*Soon they would realize that they are the fools and not the Southerners that they think are the fools

By Lucky Ojigbo


“When a man is foolish to you it is wise to let him remain in his foolishness but telling him to his face that he or she is a fool is simply the start of a serious revolution within the heart of that fool, this is simply what the Presidential Cabal, the Weakling n the Villa President Mohammadu Buhari and most Northerners  seemed to be telling the Southerners in Nigeria, that we held and see you all as fools and pointedly telling the Southern part of the Country and the Middle belt directly that they all combined are fools, soon the result of such statements would elicit abundant response as the revolution of the minds of  Southerners has been stirred and the massive result would still hit the so called masters who see the Southerners as foolish”

It is with this food for thought quote that the erudite and vocal Niger Delta Militant  and leader of the New Bakkasi Strike Force (NBSF) General Maxwell  Udoh responded to Daily Watch question put to him by Ojigbo Lucky about the Cabal plots to foist Babagana Kingebe as President by hook or by crook and other  similar statements by several top northern leaders that the North has powers to hold on to the Presidency  as long as they wish.

The vocal General Udoh described the North as just deceiving and fooling themselves if they believed that because they were lucky to have fools like Rotimi Amaechi ,Bola Tinubu who are great sell outs for peanuts and their self fish intent that all others would be as foolish as those with them or because the Military administration they led gave them a false population strength, false states and false political demarcation that others would remain quiet and foolishly mute to all their shenanigans’.

According to General Udoh, ”That the North now having a vantage position by virtue of their Military control invasion of Nigeria and delineation that favors them, population demography that was doctored in their favour and states and Local Government skewed to their advantage doesn’t mean they are fools or stupid not to understand  what is going on but for them to now with to rub this insult and unrivalled deceit and foolery on our face by their recent statements and consistent claims to superiority in wisdom, politics and whatever to the extent of telling us to our face that they dictate and decides who is to hold power and to what length, then they are rightfully telling us that our Mumu should now end and the Political shenanigans, tricks and all that were used to gain this so called vantage position must be stopped and revisited, if elders were foolish when this whole game was played, we the present generations would never be that pliable or be foolish like the elders who for peanuts and their belly saw evil by the Military but remained mute and agreed  to it all even with a few in that Military that stage managed this whole deceit”.

Udoh likened the boast of the Northern Leaders and the calculated plots of the Cabal in conjunction with the mute Weakling in the Villa  as merely playing God and thinking that a fool would compromisingly remain a fool even when he is openly called a fool by those he remains on his own accord to be foolish to.

In the words of the General “That the Southerners have remained mute and silent to all the games the North are playing be it recruitment into the Military, NDA, POLICE and Civil Service, transfer of Services from State  to Federal with skewed methodologies that is prevalent in the North but never in the South, killing the Southern growth in the Judiciary and promoting half baked Judicial officers and Ladies in the North to the peak etc are known to the South but to now want to rub it  in  the eyes of the Southerners that they are the custodians of Power or God, then they should be prepaid for the revolution of the mind which they, themselves has stirred by directly labeling us the Southerners as fools because we (our Leaders) had all the years allowed them to go on with their self acclaimed Power and godhood’’.

He likened traitors that sell out their pride for peanuts as Animals but was quick to tell those Northerners shouting all over that they are the powers that be and can do everything from making a president to making one from the North to continue ruling in eternity or the nest twenty years as one dream and game playing that has gone to far because ,the few traitors they were able to get most times in the Southern Nigeria ti help them in their deceitful game plots are themselves now staring glaring at their foolishness and the name they are been called and the new stocks of Southerners are getting wiser for it has been called a fool and taken for a 2nd class citizen while your resources are been used  as feast for the North( in their skewed political game)  and theirs are kept for their own use as in oil been plundered for the gains of the North while gold and other minerals are exploited by rich Northerners and exported to the benefit of the same Northerners yet a law exist that all Minerals belong to the Federal government to steal our oil but not to Zamfara and other states that have gold and other Minerals.

According to Udoh “That the Southerners remain mute doesn’t mean we don’t know what is happening or going on in the Country, how they the Northerners schemed and moved incompetent and unqualified Northerners from the State in phony transfer Services to the Federal, How NDA recruitment and others into Police are done to Favour the North, how Population figures were used to fool us but yet tax collections from the North with their so called Population is not seen ,neither is Vat Collection reflecting the typed population of the so called North, we know it all  how the Northern Military class plotted states and Local government to favour their zone, how Political strength was placed on them with the skewed population and states creation but to now want to boast to use that they control Nigeria Politics and can remain in Power is simply telling Southerners to our face that we are fools and by this one act they would understand that we also understand and be prepared for the revolution of the Mind that is been built such that even great traitors like Bola Tinubu, Rotimi Amaechi etc that are ready to sell their own father and Family just for the peanuts they would get would be afraid to try their foolish gimmick because even behind them, they are labeled as goats and imbecile for their own sell outs or are they blind to the names given to them by the same North for been sell outs?’’.

In his Words “The North seemed to be bad readers or don’t read history of the world because if they do, they would understand the revolts of the fools or the SLAVES when pushed becomes shoved and that they have started with their overwhelming boast as if they have moved in the larder of creation from mere mortals that they are to God above. They should remember the words of great Scholars like Alanio Bunign who said that “When the Masters begin to boast over their conquest to the ears of the Slaves, then the Slaves immediately understands his own history and the future of his generations and they mastermind and decides to fight brutally and frontally for his freedom .not for himself but his own generations unborn”. I wish this Northerners speaking of powers to do and undo in Nigeria would take time of to read great works like Churchill Abraham, Alanio Bunign etc and they would understand how great the revolts of fools and slaves is like with openly called fools and been told he can never go above where the Masters place them”


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