The bell ticks for Eze Madumere as Okorocha’s boys move for his ‘head’

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     * Just as Deputy Speaker Nnanna Ozuruigbo Submits petition against Deputy Gov.

*Assembly Members richer by 100 Million each for  Oath, signing Petition.

Okorocha                                                         Madumere

Finally the die seemed almost cast as the Imo state House of Assembly members are set to edge out the Deputy governor of the state Chief Eze Prince Madumere in the much talked about impeachment plot which have severally failed to fly following the inability by the Okorocha led forces to garner enough petitions.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the petition for the final impeachment of the Imo state Speaker Chief Eze Madumere was laid at the Imo state House of Assembly by the Deputy Speaker of the House Nnanna  Ozuiruigbo  signed by 13 out of 27 members of the State House of Assembly signalling the first step towards the Deputy governor’s impeachment proceedings.

Daily Watch findings confirmed tha getting 13 House embers to sign the Impeachment petition was not one easy task for Okorocha and his task masters in the Imo state House of Assembly as intimidation,threats of suspension indefinitely and monetary inducement came handy to beat members to  line.

According to findings,after the suspension of fourextremely loyal members of Deputy Governor Madumere, some other five members were again penciled down for suspension indefinitely if they refused to sign the impeachment petition and collect their 100 million naira which was said to be the new stake Okorocha placed for each signature following the failure o sway members with 20 million,50 million and now 100 million each  with subtle threats  doing  the magic which was seen in the house through thr Deputy Speaker.

Daiy watch findings confirmed that Okorocha is of the firm belief that taming the Stakeholders in Imo state would be faster and easier once he is able to do away with the Deputy governor and moved the Present speaker to the Position of the Deputy and this he has thrown all his power,money and personality into with the success he seemed to be getting just recently.

Daily Watch serial attempts to reach out to the spokes person for the Deputy Governor  Uche Onuchwukwu on the petition of impeachment by 13 out of the 27 member hitting the house against his boss for gross incompetence and not reporting to his office for several months was not possible as at press time.




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