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The 2020 war in Edo: Obaseki dares Oshiomole

Adams Oshiomhole and Godwin Obaseki


*Am no Weakling, I can be truly brutal like you are

By Cletus Opukeme & Solomon Ebipade

Even with over a year to the Edo state Governorship Elections ,the heat oozing out of the state within the ruling Party in the state the APC is not something for comfort as the state Governor Obaseki and his ardent supporters are in a serious war over the Elections which still remain a far.

Daily watch Findings in the Edo State Capital confirmed that the Oshiomole foot Soldiers are said to be serious working to see that the State Governor does not make it back for his 2nd term while foot soldiers of the very docile governor are massively mobilizing for the governor thereby putting governance of the state at almost a serious standstill.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that Presently the state House of Assembly is almost divided into two parts as well with those from the Northern axis totally backing Oshiomole while others are seating comfortably for the state Governor whom they see as working for Edo state rather than himself.

As at Present the fire in the state between the APC Chairman supporters and agents with that of the executive governor is said to be burning real high as both camps are presently like sworn enemies with the APC Chairman’s Camp vowing to teach the Governors Camp that they brought him to Power as such would either send him parking via impeachment or stop him from getting the 2nd term ticket using the powers of the APC Chairman up from Abuja.

This boast of the Oshiomole foot soldiers seemed to have reached the governor as well who days ago commenced the systematic purging of his office and others of all known Oshiomole supporters starting with the Local Government with plots to get several Commissioners out in the days ahead.

Daily Watch also confirmed that the executive governor has decided to frontally attack and hit back at his opposes within the APC vowing to drop his coat of docility for massive action.

In the words of the Edo state Governor days ago “Many who have turned themselves into the opposition even inside the APC in Edo think I am a weakling by virtue of my been docile  but that would now be a thing of the past as I shall be as brutal as their master to tell them been docile is not stupidity”.

By this simple statement, the Edo state Government seemed to have finally drawn the battle line with those who have become opposition inside the APC with the intent of spoiling his 2nd term pursuit and has vowed to crush them all no matter how mighty or powerful.

The days ahead certainly would be seriously dicey as the two camps unleash their cards towards the battle for Edo seat of Power.

Daily Watch attempts to reach out to the Oshiomole ‘s camp over the new speech of the governor was not possible as at press time.





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