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Tension in the Villa as embattled Aisha Buhari vows to expose all secrets in Buhari’s govt

Aisha Buhari

*Evil Cabal again moves to finally tame, dealt with and neutralize first Lady


By Ahmed Ahmadu, Abuja


The tension, confusion and conspiracy that has taken over the seat of power that has seen the Cabal in the Presidency going for the wife of the President seemed un abating despite the frantic return of the first Lady to the Presidential Villa after over two months in the United Kingdom over differences with the Presidential Cabal headed by Senior Cousin of the President Mamman Dura.

Daily Watch Ears in the Villa confirmed that the Wife of the President who has been forced into shocking silence on account of he threats of the Cabal returned dramatically to the Country early Friday Morning and discovered that she had been dramatically locked out of her Room in the Villa Courtesy of the Cabal who are also in the thick of marrying a new wife for the weak and very sick President Mohammadu Buhari to nt only spite Aisha but to fulfill the threats they issued several Months back that they would Marry a new Wife for the President who would automatically become the first Lady there by pushing Aisha not just to the background but make her totally irrelevant in the  administration of ohammadu Buhari following her diverse expose and condemnation of the cabal severally.

Several Months prior to the Elections Daily Watch clearly exposed the Plot by the Cabal to Scheme Aisha out f the Villa by Marrying a new wife for the President and the new dstate of affairs is simply a confirmation of that expose xseveral Months back.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that President Buhari is like a robot before the Presidential Cabal  which presently dictates everything in the administration such that President Buhari  has no say when members of the Cabal decides anything hence his acceptance of the new Marriage plot when he in fact knows that he is not medically sound to mate in any serious form due to his very precarious and feeble health status which again the Cabal is diligently hiding.

Daily Watch Sources in the Villa Confirmed that Aisha Buhari was in her element when the doors of  her rooms in the villa was locked against her  which serious resulted in a shouting match in the Villa and the first Lady Aisha in loud voice threatening to finally expose all the  evil and infractions going on the  villa and Nigeria by the Cabal.

According to Aisha “This whole evil and administration by proxy would come to an end soon in Nigeria as I would expose all the games Nigerians are been played”.

Daily Watch ears confirmed that the head of the Cabal Mamman was said to have fiercely warned Aisha almost immediately and dared her to ever utter anything against the President or the Cabal and see what would befall her in this administration.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the Villa is presently divided as the first Lady is said to have many secret sympathizers who are said to be annoyed over the way the members of the Cabal have been treating the Wife of the President whom they the Cabal always referred to as the ‘foolish outsider’ and tends to bug not only her rooms and phones but almost every aspect of the life of the very amiable first lady.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that certainly the end of the shouting match, conflict, threats of expose and supra threats in the Villa certainly would soon expose several monumental secrets that would shake Nigeria to the foundations except a quick fix solution would be found and urgently too to help cage the unmistakable anger of the first Lady Aisha Buhari over the state of affairs in the Villa.

Daily Watch tried reaching out to the Media  Spokes person of the first Lady over the brouhaha in the Villa and Aisha clear threats o shock Nigerians with powerful expose if she is pushed to the Wall but got no response as all messages to his phone was not replied to by the Spokes person


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