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Tension in Benue State as Herdsmen Threaten ‘War’ Over New Laws



*As governor vows to crush herdsmen who disobey laws

* Trained vigilantes to police state/implement laws


BENUE- Tension seem to be at its boiling point as the law against open
grazing comes into effect fully in Benue state with The Fulani’s
Herdsman after several protest vowing to see that the laws do not

The law Initiated by the Benue state Government to stem the incessant
killings, looting and maiming that the menace of the herdsmen has
become seem not to be sitting well with the umbrella body of the
herdsmen in Nigeria known as the Mayetti Allah cattle Breeders

The body which seem to been mute all through the carnage that herdsman
meted on the People of Benue in particular and North Central in
General seem to have found their voices as soon as the new law
stopping herdsmen and others from open grazing became operational in
the state.

Daily Watch investigations seem to have confirmed the efficacy of the
law which seem to have created the much needed peace the people of the
state had done everything to get but which the new law seem to have
given to them in a platter of gold as the state seem to be on serious
relief since the coming of the Laws into effect since November 1st
except for one or two clashes prior to the commencement of the Law  by
fleeing herdsman running away from the state.

While the herdsmen who fled the State   are said to be angry,
regrouping, mobilizing from afar for support and vowing to make a
comeback the state Government seem bent on keeping the new found peace
and solutions intact as several Vigilantes in the like of the Civilian
JTF in the North East are now been trained by  the Benue state
Government to police the state and arrest anyone flouting the Law by
carrying cattle in any part of the state openly

Already Daily Watch can confirm that several other states like Taraba,
Plateau etc are said to be co-opting the same Laws and principles to
put a check once and for all to the menace of the herdsmen who have
become laws unto themselves and has killed over five thousand people
in just the North Central alone and also once described by the United
Nations as the third most deadly group in the world but also
classified as merely a criminal gang by the Government of Nigeria
whose President is said to the  Life Patron of the Cattle association
in Nigeria.


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