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Tension in Aso Villa as Angry Kachukwu Opens Massive Looting in NNPC



ABUJA-The recent altercations, memo petitions and brouhaha between Minister for states for Petroleum and the Group Managing Director of NNPC is
not as it seem but a long standing confusion, looting, secret
appointments and bare faced insubordination that has been on for
several months running in the NNPC by an Agent of the Presidential
Cabal Baru Manakain who incidentally is Group Managing Director of the
NNPC and appointee of the Cabal.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the fuse started right from
when the Group Managing Director was picked by the Cabal in the
Presidency with specific instruction on how to run the Great NNPC
after engineering the removal of Ibe Kachukwu as a result of
difficulty in using him for many hatchet corruption related jobs in
the NNPC.

According to our Investigations Baru allegiance and instructions flow
directly from the Presidential Villa in Abuja and reports same there
and not even Ibe Kachukwa is briefed or have an idea of anything
going on in the NNPC as Maikanti Baru is made to report directly to
one Mamma Duara or his representative in the Villa who is the Chief of
Staff to the President. It is the skewed way of operation that is said
to be the genesis of the controversial petitions written by Ibe
Kachukwu to the President and which would not get any positive
response as those the petition is sent to are the same person asking
Baru to not only undermine Kachukwu but blocking the Minister for
state from seeing the President but rather drop all petitions /report
to the Chief of staff to the President to which Kachukwu has done
serially but no positive response thereby  forcing him to go  not only
public with this last  petition but with a plot to resign after the
said petition if no positive response comes out of this petition,

The petition going public which is said to have rattled the Cabal is
said to have put on pressure on the defacto leader of the Cabal
Mamman Duara an elder Cousin of Mohammadu Buhari to the extent that the
idea of dropping Kachukwau was mooted but dropped at the last minute
to give room for the whole issue to die down.

The battle between Ibe Kachukwu and Maikanti Baru is said to have
centered around amongst others  over fifty appointments done within
the last three months out of which only a little above twenty went to
the South South, South East and South west with well over thirty going
to the North out of which a greater twenty eight specifically going to
the Hausa Fulani the language spoken by the President and also all
postings in the NNPC is done over the past one year to favour the
Hausa Fulani as all sensitive positions  in the corporation rest with
the Hausa Fulanis despite directive against all these by the Minister
for state who had severally had to issue query, summons etc to the
Group Managing Director as to the selfish administrative style the
corporation is been run but all these were said not to have  cut ice
in the line of duty of Baru who is said to have been edged on by the
cabal in the seat of Power,

Not quite two weeks ago, again  fifteen new appointments were again
made  in the over staffed NNPC  of which ten went to the North and the
Hausa Fulani taking the lead despite the North having well over
seventy languages, the South West three , South South two and the
South East as usual  getting nothing ,a thing that is said to be
causing unrivalled tension in the South South and has now forced
leaders of the south South led by Chief E.K Clark to petition also the
Presidency two days ago.

As in appointments and posting so also it is with several contracts
said to have been issued secretly and without following laid down
procedures and with many not even executed to friends and families of
people said to be domiciled close to the seat of Power in far away
Abuja, In other cases  the NNPC big boss is said to have contracted
severally work but used the NNPC staff and engineers to execute same
yet pay several millions and billions out as monies expanded on such
jobs  without due processes and all these are said to be the grouse of
the Minister for state who is said to have been totally pissed with
the lootings and administrative kill joy going on unceasingly in the
NNPC and the presidency refusing to act in spite of all attempts to
make them do and with over twenty memos to the president stocked with
the chief of staff to the President which forced Ibe Kachukwu to
releasing this last Petition to the public may be as a way  to forcing
the Presidency and the National Assembly to take a look towards the
Petroleum sector which presently  said to be receiving the highest
corruption and financial/administrating plunge ever witnessed in the
history of the NNPC with several Petitions to Magu remaining in the
dustbin trash.

Shocking is the expose  that the lootings in the NNPC is at  the
instance of the Cabal who are said to be plotting to package President
Buhari like is  now healthy using steroids and other drugs to keep the
President on his feet against  Doctor’s advice and  promote the
Cabal’s wish to go for 2019 to keep the Cabal in power.

Daily Watch
attempts to speak to the media team of the Minister for
state on these issues was not possible but the Director of Press in
the Ministry of Petroleum in Abuja   Idung Alabi confirmed to Daily
Watch  on the issue a Petition from the Minister of state for
petroleum to the President over the many cases of insubordination,
administrative recklessness and financial impropriety against the
Group Managing Director of the NNPC .

Daily Watch
investigations also confirmed that the Presidential cabal
is said to have been rattled by the Kachukwu’s Petition that went
public and were said to have held three meetings in the past two days
on the methodology  modalities to kill or manage the situation  as it
affects insubordination and corrupt practices in diverse contracts and
toyed with the idea of countering the tension by setting up of a
presidential panel which will take months to submit report and by then
events would have over taken the issues like in the cases of the North
East contract looting by the former Secretary to the Federal
government and the NIIA multibillion  scam which has remained dead
after a presidential panel rather than the Anti-Graft body
investigated both.

ADDEDUM’; As at the minute of  filing this report the President has
finally bow to pressure and set to meet  Ibe Kachukwu but how  far
this meeting  would go to recouping  the billions looted in bribes, Phony
contracts and greedy appointments would unfold after the meet.



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