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Tension as marketers roar over N650bn subsidy debt by Buhari’s Govt

Mauhammadu Buhari

*Nigeria may again witnessed real fuel subsidy again

*As DAPMA, IPPI, IPMAN warn govt., to pay up subsidy debt despite Govt., lies about Subsidy payments

There seemed to be no end to the Subsidy payment abracadabra in Nigeria as one government after the other seemed to be making serious business with the subsidy regime ongoing in the Nation Petroleum Industry.


Daily Watch findings  days ago confirmed that the Nation would soon fall into a new fuel scarcity induced by the Federal Government refusal till date to pay the Oil Marketers a whooping 650 billion naira said to be monies been owed to them by the Buhari administration that has consistently claimed not to be paying any money in name of subsidy.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the 650 billion which is Subsidy claims by MOMMAN which is the Umbrella body for Petroleum Marketers seemed to be creating tension as the Marketers are claiming that most of their property and investment used as collateral for loans to import fuel are about to be sold unless government quickly pay up their 650 billion naira debt  owed them by the Buhari government for fuel subsidy.

This statement by MOMMAN is coming just days after the Chairman of APC is claiming the APC government under Buhari has stooped fuel Subsidy payment while addressing APC members during the recent APC Affirmative Convention in Abuja days ago.

While the NNPC, Petroleum Minister, APC Chairman  and the Presidency keeps giving out contradictory statements on Subsidy under Buhari government even with the massive increase in fuel prices in Nigeria and despite the massive gains from the increase in this fuel price, the Buhari government is still secretly paying for  unbudgeted Subsidy and yet owing a whooping 650 Billion Naira to the diverse Marketers all over the Country which includes IPMAN,DAPPMA and IPPI.

Daily Watch reached out to the Secretary of DAPMA who spoke on behalf of the umbrella body of the nation Marketers MOMAN Mr.Olufemi Adewole on the reported 650billion Naira debt owed his members and he totally confirmed the story and begged the Federal Government to pay up the total debt owed the Marketers so as to save them and their property from been auctioned by banks


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