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Tension as ISIS threatens to down commercial planes in Nigeria with anti-aircraft missile


By Cletus Opukeme (Publisher)

File photo: ISIS militants

ABUJA- If information reaching us is anything to go by; there is palpable tension in the Nigeria air space as dreaded militant group of the pro- Islamic State of Irag and Syria (ISIS) have threatened to shut down commercial flights in the Nigerian air space with high-powered anti-aircraft missiles as part of Islamic holy war to conquer Nigeria.

Privileged document  at the disposal of Daily Watch confirmed that the dreaded ISIS militants are warming to cause havoc and bloodshed in the Nigerian sky by bombing commercial flights in extension of Holy Jihad war to the biggest African nation.  The document entitled ‘’ Classified information’ from one of the top security agencies in  Abuja with reference N0: H.150/5/56 alerting  other top security agencies to be on the alert. The classified document stated ‘‘That ISIS plans to attack commercial flights  and bring down ‘’bloodshed to the skies’’ The warning , which was issued in English, French and Arabic  was was distributed by Telegraph and other online for a and was accompanied by an image of a clean-shaven dark-haired white man sitting on the aisle seat of a flight with a knife in his hand.

‘‘ The from the ISIS affiliated media groups such as Al-bbd al –Faqr media are often used to advise followers on the new attack methods and  targets. The image of a white man with knife in his hand suggest that the attack could be carried out with a knife  as was the case during the 9/11 attacks in US in 2001’’

It would be recalled that ISIS claimed responsibility for the explosion of death of all the two hundred and twenty four (224) passengers aboard the Russian Metrojet flight 9268 shortly after the take-off from Egypt’s Sinai Penninsulain October, 2015. The Al-Abd al-Fqr MAedia warning of the eminent attack by ISIS on Nigerian commercial flights, outlining the next stage in global jihad.

Al-Muhajir had criticized ‘ apostate governments’’ in Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Iran and Palestine, as well as the Taliban in Afghanistan, reiterating  that holy war was the only ‘‘way forward’’






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